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A couple of nights ago, a group of bloggers got together to share a chat around a table, and for this we were summoned at the Kulto al Plato restaurant. Ahead we had a tapas menu and a lot of chat to update us after a while without seeing each other.

The restaurant is unique, with a careful and impressive decoration, high tables assisted by stools, a traditional dining area, a bar with a large blackboard at its back in which the offer of dishes and tapas is drawn, and lighting that makes a good job creating a nice atmosphere. The walls, upholstered with neat white plates, remind us of the origin of the name of the place.

The restaurant's website advertises dishes from new San Sebastian cuisine, of which, to be honest, I didn't see much behind the dishes we tasted, beyond the use of the letter k in many of them. Maybe we handle different concepts for the same term, but I didn't see a clear Basque line anywhere.We started dinner with a couscous with vegetables and ajoblanco, a visually very attractive and quite good dish, which if we have to take a hit, we will say that the ajoblanco would have been good for something less thick.

The second course, paradoxically, came by glass. A thermal egg with potato and mushrooms, which took many of us back to childhood, when our mothers fed us with the classic soft-boiled egg. This topped the glass on a bed of potato cream and a mushroom spread, while a small tray of condiments ran across the table to dress the bed with salt and other herbs. Richer as we went deeper, although the potato cream showed a crushing at high revolutions that made it somewhat elastic.

We change the third with a creamy rice with squid and Parmesan cheese. A dish with a marine flavor that I really liked, in which the Parmesan played a great role complementing the flavor of the mollusk.

The low-temperature cod with garlic pilpil was pierced in the bone despite having an impeccable aesthetic invoice. I don't know if it can be attributed to the quality of the fish, an inadequate desalting or a poorly executed cooking, but the meat was rough on the palate. A pity, for his excellent presence augured better delight.

The veal cheeks with creamy potato made up for the decline in the cod, with a meat that melted with pleasure at the fork to end up melting honeyed on the palate. The profusion of potato cream, either as a garnish or as a base for some preparations, led to a certain déjá vù throughout the menu.

For desserts, we had a puff pastry with cream and ice cream well presented and resolved, and after it a good bitter espresso with foam. We accompany dinner with various drinks to choose from, from a glass of wine to beer and cola drinks, each one to your liking. The final bill, adjusting the usual price, was 35 euros.

Plato Kult

Serrano Jover nº 1 28015 MAdrid tel. 91 758 59 46 Average price: 35 euros

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