Crocodile meat, one of the latest novelties in Chinese supermarkets


Crocodile meat is highly valued in some Asian countries and is considered a delicacy.

China is one of the countries that consumes it, however it is not so common to find it and hence the crocodile displayed in a supermarket in Guangdong Zhongshan caused so much curiosity among supermarket buyers, that they even asked if it was legal to eat crocodile meat.

Crocodile meat is one of 54 varieties of meats from different animals, approved by the Chinese government for human consumption.

According to the note where I saw the news, crocodile meat is sold in China for a little more than 50 dollars per kilo and the legs of the crocodile, which apparently is the most precious part, is sold each for 40 dollars.

Any of you have tried crocodile meat? Well, the truth is, the closest thing to a crocodile that I have ever tasted is baba meat, a species similar to the alligator that abounds in a Venezuelan region, but being a species in danger of extinction its hunting is very controlled and for times prohibited.

Via | Foodmall | Spluch Photo | Xinhua Live to the Palate | Alligator meat, a very special delicatessen

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