Beer improves the immune system


Beer, like wine, is subjected to several studies by scientists who try to find new qualities in it, we could name for example the scientific study that showed the beneficial properties of beer (without alcohol) in 50 nuns or that. in which specialists indicated that drinking beer in a moderate way after doing some physical exercise was tremendously beneficial.

Now we know of a new study that shows us the relationship between beer and our immune system. In a conference held at the International Immunonutrition Workshop held in Valencia, an expert from the Higher Center for Scientific Research made known the results of research carried out on the properties of beer, the study was carried out on 57 volunteers of both sexes . Apparently, it has been found that a moderate consumption of beer, 330 milliliters per day for females and 660 milliliters per day for men, improves some aspects of the immune system by improving the response of our body against the attack of infectious microorganisms.

The answer is found in the beneficial nutrients that beer provides, such as minerals, vitamins or antioxidants. Those who drink beer or wine are less likely to get sick, but in addition, the study shows that women obtain more benefits from consuming beer for the body than men.

Finally, to say that scientists have proven that both abstinence and excess consumption are harmful and that it is best to provide the body with a moderate intake of beer. Of course, in this study the result of moderately drinking beer is known, but the mechanisms that cause this improvement in the immune system are not yet known.

The study referenced at the conference was published in the electronic journal Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism.

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