Arbizu's chistorra awarded with the Coq d'or


Some time ago, one of our readers doubted that we would have used chistorra in one of our recipes, claiming that perhaps this was not so well known outside of certain communities. For a servant, with a strong Navarrese ascendancy, it was difficult to believe that this could be a reality, and in these days in which the Navarrese chistorra, specifically that of Arbizu, has achieved recognition with the Coq D'or award for best artisan gastronomic product, this anecdote has returned to my mind.

Whether it is more or less known to date, what seems certain is that from now on we will hear “chistorra” pronounced with various accents, thanks to the award granted by Guide des Gourmands magazine, backed by the votes of the most leading chefs and critics French. The award has more value if possible, since the Navarran company did not enter the contest.

The Arbizu chistorra is manufactured by Embutidos Arbizu, and is hosted by Reyno Gourmet, a quality brand created by the Government of Navarra to promote its quality agri-food products.

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