The Science of Health; the importance of a healthy diet


Valentín Fuster, an eminent cardiologist, scientist and disseminator from Barcelona, ​​offers us in his book "The Science of Health" the keys to a healthier and more balanced life, emphasizing the necessary intervention of governments to promote more lifestyle habits. healthy. Among these habits, the very important role that a balanced diet plays in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, which is currently responsible for more than half of deaths, and not only in countries known as the first world, stands out.

Health, defined by the WHO as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, is a concept that goes beyond the classic definition as the absence of health. And it is that Fuster highlights the importance of prevention as a primary factor to reduce this high mortality rate. But in addition, in the face of governments, it draws attention to the high social and economic costs derived from these cardiovascular diseases, which account for a large part of public health costs, due to hospital admissions and the expensive pharmacological treatments that they have to take these sick for life.

Among the basic elements of prevention, moderate physical exercise stands out along with a healthy diet, in addition to avoiding stress and tobacco. The book provides valuable keys to lose weight and follow a balanced diet in carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and proteins, without the trauma of miracle diets. It also gives us useful tips on how to deal with hypertension, the "silent killer", and little tricks to encourage us to do more physical exercise every day. In reality, Fuster tries to educate us for a healthier and happier life, which is what we all seek.

Along the same lines, he has recently published a book, presented at the Spanish Ministry of Health, entitled "Science and Life", in collaboration with José Luis Sampedro, where scientific and humanist views are combined to give us the keys to a more complete and healthy life, in body and mind, talking about personal self-realization, self-esteem, the meaning of life and death, among other issues. We should be grateful for this original and complete vision of the human being.

More information | Spanish Society of Cardiology. More information | Heart Foundation. Directly to the Palate | Health Directly to the Palate.

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