The Florentine cuisine of the Trattoria Antico Fattore

In the historic center of Florence, and a few meters from the Ufizzi Gallery, perhaps the best art museum in Italy, we find this Trattoria Antico Fattore in a narrow street, a worthy representative of traditional Florentine cuisine. It has also been, since 1930, a meeting place for artists and intellectuals who have passed through the city and, in collaboration with the Chianti Rufino wine house, has been awarding the "Antico Fattore" literary prize since the 1930s.

The cozy decoration is striking, with some period objects and photos of its history. But even more pleasant is the service, very attentive and polite, as is usual in other similar establishments. In trattorias, the equivalent of eating houses, good traditional cuisine is served without much fuss or concessions to modernity, respecting the roots of one of the best gastronomy, as in this case.

We started the dinner with a very appreciated and traditional dish throughout northern Italy, a “fiore de zucca” fry, that is, fried pumpkin flowers with a very tasty crunchy batter. A surprising and delicious dish

Other very traditional Florentine dishes are those made with wild boar meat or "cinghiale" from the nearby forests. In this case, a pasta dish, blinked with wild boar ragout, quite tasty, with the stewed meat of intense flavor. And no less interesting and highly recommended are the "involtini", meat rolls stuffed with artichoke with pea sauce, another traditional specialty, which is also served on radicchio rosso leaves, a pleasure for the eyes and the senses.

But if you are a great meat lover, the entrance counter displays magnificent beef entrecots, of appreciable thickness and high quality, which are prepared in a wide variety of ways. ANTICO FATTORE is in Via Lambertesca 1 / 3r FIRENZE, Tel. 055 288975, and is closed on Sundays.

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