The gypsy cuisine of Matilde Amaya


Perhaps the name of Matilde Amaya does not sound familiar to us ... for now, because if we say that she is the wife of Juan Carmona "El Habichuela", and mother of the Carmona brothers, members of the extinct Ketama, things already change.

Since the first dish he cooked, a rice with chicken, many dishes and stews have passed through his hands. He learned to cook them from the family, little by little and thanks to oral tradition, with such good results that together, family and friends, they encouraged him to write a recipe book and the result is the one that concerns us: The gypsy kitchen of Matilde Amaya, written with the help of Eva Celada.

This is a cookbook that I especially like. A kitchen that is worth knowing, without artifice, miniatures or deconstructions; chicha on the plate, abundant, strong and rich.

The first section, in which Matilde explains her table of measurements and times, is a delight. It counts how you cook in an intuitive way, looking closely at the pot, taking care of it and taking its pulse at every moment, to know how much salt is missing or how difficult it is to venture a cooking time without opening the lid to see its evolution.

Spoon dishes have a great presence, since as Matilde says, gypsies like them very much, differentiating between stew and stew, which are not the same thing. Beans abound, of course. A good list of gypsy rices whet the appetite, combining the cereal with the most diverse accompaniments: sardines, cod, vegetables and ... yes, beans.

But there are also light dishes, which salads give a good account of, such as the daring combination of egg, potato and orange. For second courses, lots of cod and a great variety of meats, and in the desserts simple and very appetizing notes. They close the list an old pringá that from the paper already take away the feeling or a gypsy toast, a children's snack, which uses bread as a base with great skill.

The gypsy cuisine of Matilde Amaya

Editorial Belacqva 239 pages Hardcover 21.5 x 21.5 cm ISBN 84-95894-25-4

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