The importance of a well written letter


The letter is a valuable business card. Many restaurants pamper it with great care, spending time and resources both to offer a varied and balanced menu and to take great care in its design. Unfortunately, others neglect it to the extreme, disdaining the importance of a well-made menu, offering lists of dishes made without taste or good judgment. The menu is, to put it in some way, the restaurant's DNI, a role that will not only help us to choose the dishes and drinks, but can also convey confidence and enthusiasm.

Let's imagine: we arrive at a restaurant, they welcome us and give us the menu. We open it hoping to find inside the soul of the establishment where we are going to spend two hours tasting the food. It does not matter if we are in a food house or a high-altitude restaurant, we all want to eat well and clean.

What happens when the list of options is endless? Then the choice becomes eternal and dangerous, an establishment that offers fresh produce cannot cover that much, something will be about to happen if it has not already done so. The ideal option is a menu in which we do not have more than five dishes per category. In this way, a rotation in the genre is ensured, in which nothing is forgotten at the back of the camera.

Another issue is that of suggestions, those off-the-menu dishes that respond to seasonality or market criteria. More than four or five suggestions in the total of the letter are not advisable, for the same reasons that I mentioned above. And it is a detail that these are written and attached to the letter, otherwise, we will forget them as soon as we start reading.

There are establishments in which the letter is recited. It is a custom that may respond to unknown or respectable criteria, but there are those who find it extremely uncomfortable. Servant, to be exact. Who has not happened to him that after listening to the letter, he no longer remembers the first options and ends up asking for the snails, which was the only thing he remembers? That is in the case of the more timid, although you can also ask the waiter over and over again, probably receiving a boredom gesture with the answer.

Let's talk about the presentation. That less than a clean letter, well written and with all the necessary details, a structured order, and clearly indicated prices and taxes. Filigree or spectacular staging cannot always be requested, although when it is, they are gladly appreciated.

One of my favorite restaurants, really cheap and basic, has one of the most curious and fun menus I have ever seen, in which it details, with a popular language and full of humor, the preparation of each dish. Before starting to eat, customers are already infected with good vibes and optimism.

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