Improvisation in the kitchen, art and resource


Who has not made a salad with the little that was fresh in the fridge? You cannot always plan and in many circumstances the question: And what will we eat today? has a clear answer: let's see what's in the fridge. I believe in improvisation in the kitchen, a resource that can become an art, because we are not talking about gathering beans and bananas and putting them in a bowl, but about getting dishes that convince and that seem carefully planned.

To do this, you have to have a sixth sense, master the art of mixing and reject anything goes. To be successful you have to review the pantry choosing a main ingredient and several complementary. These must have the ability to combine with each other without compromising on flavor or nuance.

Starting from this main ingredient, we will think about what type of dish we can compose: a salad, a meat stew, a cooked vegetable ... on this idea we will choose the secondary ingredients, very important, since they are the ones that will vary the character of the dish, and well chosen and combined, they will be the basis of success.

You have to know how to discern when an ingredient is left over in a preparation, sometimes we can fall into the temptation of turning a dish into an absurd accumulation, which we will surely be unable to enjoy. Taking care of the proportion of the quantities is fundamental; there are ingredients that with an austere presence contribute more to the dish than if they appear in large quantities. As an example, in a walnut salad, the essential ingredient is the walnut, but it should not be the most abundant, since it would become a bad dish difficult to eat, a true culinary aberration.

Exercising in this practice, we will be able to have many resources in the kitchen, and it is the first step to become creators of our own recipes, offering our guests original, unique and own dishes, our own small home cooking.

Finally, if we are not very skilled in this art of improvisation, it will not hurt to consult some recipes as you go, these will be very useful to find inspiration and make a good deal with the available ingredients.

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