Goat's milk could be considered functional food


Researchers from the University of Granada have shown that goat's milk is a food with nutritional benefits, which helps to improve our state of health. Therefore, they recommend considering it a functional food and promoting habitual consumption, both of milk and its derivatives.

According to this study, the regular consumption of goat milk in people with iron deficiency anemia improves their recovery, enhancing the nutritional use of iron and regeneration of hemoglobin.

It is known that this milk has nutrients that make it comparable to breast milk, help the development of probiotic flora, contains less lactose, contains less casein than women's milk and is therefore hypoallergenic and in some countries it is used in formula milk in substitution than cow's milk.

It is richer than cow's milk in calcium and phosphorus. The type and quality of the fat it contains makes it perfect for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and it has more omega 6 type fat, a quick source of energy, that is not stored in adipose tissue.

To our delight and that of goat milk producers, we must begin to consider that this milk is especially beneficial for people with allergies and intolerance to cow's milk, malabsorption problems, high cholesterol, anemia, osteoporosis or prolonged treatments with iron supplements.

Via | University of Granada
Photo | Noel feans
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