The largest "eggplant" in the world to denounce the cultivation of GM crops in India


First of all, I must say that I am not one of those people who hear about transgenics and flee in terror or attack the issue without rhyme or reason. I am one of those who think that as long as their cultivation is controlled, it is welcome if it helps to improve the cultivation, yield, gives more work, etc. Now in India they have a funny way of protesting against GMOs.

It is about having made the largest recipe for Baigan Bharta, a stew that uses aubergines to make it. In total, they have made 342 kilos of this popular recipe to protest the realization of a bill that regulates the use of said transgenics.

It so happens that aubergines are the second largest vegetable crop in India and that it supports thousands and thousands of farmers. With this fun and rich initiative, Greenpeace intends to denounce that the government takes the side of the companies instead of the people.

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