The worst diet in the world. Cafeteria Diet


In previous articles, we have talked about various types of diets: the Dukan, ancestral Eskimo diets, or dinka, or the curious diet of 20 potatoes a day. We have all highlighted them for various reasons. Miracle diet in the case of the Dukan, or quite healthy diets like that of the Kitavans.

What we have never tried is to find out what is the worst diet in the world. Well, it seems that the prize goes to what is called the cafeteria diet.

Origin and composition of the Cafeteria Diet

The first thing to know is that this diet is not a type of diet that exists in reality. It was designed by researchers in the laboratory, trying to figure out which was the most fattening diet in animal models.

The laboratory mice are fed a kind of cookies that are made up of sugary cereal rings, hot dogs, peanut butter cookies, cheese flavored doritos, or pork rinds. Mixing these ingredients makes some cookies, which are absolutely irresistible to mice. It may seem like a stretch, but many of these ingredients are also in some people's meals.


There are several studies that have used this diet to see its effects on health in both animal and human models. In both cases, the results have been similar, showing that it is, without a doubt, the most fattening diet. Not only that, but it is also the diet that has the most negative impact on various health markers.

The fact is that this diet, which seems so extreme, has something in common with many foods that today we have very within our reach. It is a very addictive diet. Studies have shown that more than the caloric content of diets, what really makes them work or not is whether they are more or less addictive. This is the reason why diets as different as Dukan or very low-fat diets work. In both cases, food has a low addiction capacity. Just the opposite of the cafeteria diet.

To carry out

Naturally, the cafeteria diet is the best example of what NOT to do. But knowing what it consists of, and what effects it has on the body, is a good way to know what we are doing well, and when we are not on the right track.

Unfortunately, more and more, many quick and easy eating options seem to be heading towards a cafeteria diet. It is very easy to be tempted by addictive foods. Perhaps the question to ask, rather than looking at the number of calories in a food is, if I eat a portion of this, will I later want to eat more? If the answer is yes, it is very possible that we are facing one of the ingredients of the cafeteria diet.

Finally, comment that I have nothing against coffee shops, many of which have excellent menus and in the end, we are the ones who decide, but if we are tempted all the time ...

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