The Pizzeria of Ars Vivendi


The Ars Vivendi Pizzeria offers an extensive menu of authentic Italian pizzas as well as Italian cuisine raised to the maximum exponent. We already showed you a few days ago the video on how “la vera pizza” is made thanks to Genaro Iovine, soul of the restaurant's kitchen together with Rosi García.

Well, as you could see in the video, before eating we were already enjoying the pesto, potato, smoked cheese and mozzarella pizza made in the wood oven and the margheritta pizza made in a home oven that Genaro made so that we could see the difference. between one oven and another. So when we sat down at the table we made a tasting menu with dishes to share, we were immensely satisfied, the pity is that we didn't even have room for dessert.

But let's go for the delicacies that they served us. We started with a Focaccia with fresh sausage, aubergine ratatouille and cherry tomato, a very pleasant surprise for the palate, much tastier than pesto for our taste, it was delicious, juicy and the dough, you can imagine.

We continue with a puff pastry tortino stuffed with chicken, boletus cream and four cheese sauce. The puff pastry retained that crunchy that intoxicates us and its interior a juicy filling that did not need anything else to delight us, but of course, with that cheese sauce we still liked it much more (you know how "mice" we are).

Then we tried an aubergine cake gratin with mozzarella and tomato sauce. The fear that the sauce would predominate on the plate disappeared in the first bite, it was soft, just like the eggplant. A cheese crunch and an eggplant crunch topped this dish that lasted a breath.

As we warned that we were not going to be able to do much more, they took their revenge and served us individually some Spaghetti with clams and a skewer of prawn tails and cherry tomato. You can't see it on the plate, but it had a very deep bottom.

The truth is that there is nothing like being able to enjoy a pasta dish made al dente and with such a satisfactory combination of ingredients, because the best way to enjoy this dish is to mix all the ingredients, providing the palate with an exquisite symphony of flavors.

We leave the dessert to you to tell us when you go to La Pizzeria de Ars Vivendi, where you will also find a young and very comfortable atmosphere. The price per person is around 18-20 euros, if you want to reserve (because they double tables), you can call 91 638 84 20.

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