The roux sauce and its kinds


The cooking of flour in butter creates a base called roux, this base is usually used to thicken liquids or in the preparation of certain sauces. Roux sauce keeps much longer in the fridge than other sauces and can be used to quickly prepare a béchamel, for example.

Its preparation is very simple, you just have to cook the same amount of butter and flour in a pan. First the butter is melted and then the previously sifted flour is incorporated, the cooking must be done over low heat, it is mixed well and the two ingredients are amalgamated while stirring with a wooden spoon.

There are several kinds of roux sauce and each kind is specific for certain preparations. The white roux sauce is ideal for binding cooking bottoms and serves as the base for some sauces, the preparation is as explained above, but without allowing the flour to toast, that is, it does not take color.

The yellow roux is used to make bechamel and white sauces in general, to obtain this sauce, we must let the flour toast only a little before melting it with the butter.

Finally there is the toasted or brown roux, this is used above all for the preparation of sauces derived from the cooking funds of meats. Without stopping stirring, we must let the flour cook until it takes on a hazelnut color.

To round off the information, make the bechamel sauce with the yellow roux sauce base:

Toast in a saucepan or pan 50 grams of flour over low heat and stirring continuously until it takes color, add the 50 grams of butter and stir until melted. When you see that it becomes a homogeneous paste and acquires a light blonde color, pour a couple of tablespoons of milk and stir, turn up the heat and finish by pouring the rest of the milk (a total of ½ liter) previously heated and stir with the rods.

Season the compound with a little salt, pepper and grated nutmeg and lower the heat to low. Let it boil for about 10 minutes without stopping to stir so that no lumps are made, when you see that it begins to thicken, you can remove it from the heat.

You can also substitute a little milk for meat broth or sauté some grated onion to make a tastier bechamel.

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