The week Direct to the Paladar | October 01 to 07


As every week we give you a summary of what was published in Directo al paladar last week.

We start the recipe book with some tapas: first, some mushrooms stuffed with zucchini and to continue some Tacos of smoked cod Carpier. Then, the starters with this Salad with diced smoked salmon and mushroom vinaigrette, some spiced corn cobs with Coca Cola reduction and some spinach nests with feta and poached egg.

We continue with some Pochas with quail, a Monkfish with garlic and chocolate muslin and some Turkey rolls with aubergine puree and cottage cheese. Finally this Lamb baked with trumpets of death.

For dessert this fresh cheese cake and these banana noodles with their foam and mint reduction.

And to drink we have: a red from Madrid Palacio de Aranjuez 2004, organic wine with D.O. Madrid, a rosé from Montsant Cellers Capafons-Ossó Roigenc 2006, a Chablis La Chablisienne, Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume 2004 and some curious Mundo Gay Wine.

We have also told you about a New Guinness Record for the largest salad in the world, the XIII Torta del Casar Week, the II International Congress of Gastronomy and Health and the IX The Best of Gastronomy Congress. And speaking of records, we also present the World's Largest Cheese Fondue and the Best Restaurant Dessert Contest - The Best Dessert of Restaurant.

In other interesting posts we have been able to know this Frankfurt battered with French fries and more, which has been denounced the approval of the entry of transgenic products in Europe, that cows fed with soybean oil produce more milk. We have also known Coca de Castellolí, the Cooking Workshop with Ramón Freixa and Marcilla coffee, the Fast Good offer in Madrid: take home wine without corkage fee, the New national network for the treatment of celiac disease in Spain.

And much more ... Beer rejuvenates the spirit and takes away years and Beer improves the immune system. Good!

We also talked about Asturian wine in Vino de la Tierra de Cangas now certified, Alimentos del Paraíso Natural, about milk that rises in price in: Milk at astronomical prices, will José Puxeu, MAPA's secretary general of agriculture, retract? And we allow ourselves a smile with this curious news. Do not overdo the chili or you will cause a chemical alert and a pumpkin weighing 217.5 kilos as a result of the efforts of two Catalan farmers. We return again to the seriousness with The Right to Food, a universal right but not an obligation? Food seriously worries the experts, and anti-stress milk, another one of the Japanese.

The VelSid colleagues ask us How do you dress the canned cockles ?, and Are we going to run out of honey ?. They also tell us about Leche Pascual vs J. García Carrión, the battle continues, about the Tasty Table, the periodic table of alcoholic beverages and about the Chocolate Hunting Trophies.

In our Chefs section, VelSild friends told them about Martín Berasategui, a little bit about him, that Darío Barrio will promote the Turbochef, and about the NO-DO Restaurant and Alberto Chicote's kitchen.

In ingredients we present this Mushroom flour, we tell you How to cook garlic to preserve its heart-healthy properties, Canned Bread, another Japanese idea, New foods in European markets soon. From Portobello, the exotic mushroom and from which Olive oil improves the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties

As for books we recommend these: Combine your kitchen, an invitation to experiment with confidence in your kitchen, The sweet kitchen of the master pastry chef Torreblanca brings us closer to the success of our sweets and La Cuchara de Plata.

In new trends we present Go Wodka, the new drink in tubes. And in utensils, this Response Kettle, water heating jug, Keep your aromatic herbs fresh with Herb-Savor, the water resistant Salt and Pepper Mill, and the Tefal Actifry, a fryer that works almost without oil.

And so far the summary, good week everyone!

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