The EU says NO to meat from cloned animals


There are no studies that find differences between the meat of a cloned animal and a traditionally conceived one. However, the European Union says that experiments around the world are too rare to guarantee that eating a 'copy' does not pose a risk to health.

The EU Food Safety Agency is speaking out against marketing cloned animal products, at least for now.

Although in January, the agency underlined the absence of health risks, in its conclusions, it emphasizes the negative effects of cloning, also against the criteria of the FDA, the equivalent agency in the US, favorable to the commercialization of products derived from clones.

"The uncertainty in the risk analysis is manifested by the limited number of studies available, the small number of investigated samples and, in general, the absence of a uniform approach that allows all relevant issues to be answered satisfactorily", says the EFSA stressing that there are only examples in cases of pigs and cattle.

In addition, the agency highlights the opinion defended by the Ethics Committee of the European Commission that "the health and well-being of a significant proportion of clones, especially in their youth for bovines and in the perinatal state for pigs, is affected negatively, often severely and with a fatal outcome. "

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