The Last Supper of Jesus of Nazareth

I just went out to buy bread. As I passed by a group of garbage containers, I saw that someone had thrown away a large painting, quite damaged, which represented the Last Supper of Jesus of Nazareth with all his disciples. It was very similar to the one my mother had in the dining room at home, in front of another large painting, the one of the hunt where some dogs attacked a deer.

Suddenly, while looking at the painting, I had a question that I had never raised before.what Jesus and his twelve disciples would eat on the night of their last supper? Without taking into account and leaving aside, what most of these types of paintings, of Renaissance inspiration, have drawn on the tablecloth of that popular dinner, I wanted to analyze and investigate a little about what could be a logical menu, according to the time, the culture and the celebration.

It seems that historians and biblical scholars do not agree on the exact menu, but they do dare to make a couple of conjectures, both with enough logic, if we consider that what was being celebrated that night was the jewish passover.

Some believe, thanks to references made in the Bible, that roast lamb, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and wine were served at the Last Supper. Others believe that it was composed of a more humble menu, vegetable stew, unleavened bread, grape juice and water.

Of course, whether it is a menu or another, it was seasoned with the species that existed in the area such as thyme, rosemary, bay leaf and sage, with olive oil and accompanied by local seasonal fruits such as pomegranates, grapes and figs. Also with some other product, such as goat cheese, walnuts, almonds, radishes and eggs that, in addition to being easy to get, were cheap.

As you can see, it does not look much like the great feasts that are usually represented in these types of paintings and it is also loaded with the symbolisms and traditions that practitioners of Judaism continue to put into practice today.

Image | Juan de Juanes
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