Larousse de los Postres, new edition with a foreword by Paco Torreblanca


The Larousse publishing house, apart from its famous encyclopedia, publishes some of the best gastronomy treatises, such as the Larousse Gastronomique, the essential “bible” for cooks, or the Larousse for fish and seafood, among many others, such as the Larousse for chocolate . In this case I present you the Larousse de los Postres, in a new and renewed edition with a foreword by our most famous pastry chef, Paco Torreblanca. The work is signed by Pierre Hermé, a young and innovative French chef.

The author has managed to collect the French culinary tradition in terms of pastry and confectionery, updating traditional desserts with a touch of modernity and also creating his own exclusive recipes. All this accompanied by excellent photographs and, in the case of basic preparations, very detailed step-by-step photos that clarify the careful explanations.

Thus, there are no secrets to get a perfect creme anglaise, a pastry cream or a meringue. Within these basic preparations we find all kinds of creams, mousses, sponge cake doughs, ganaches, doughs, ice creams, coulis, sauces and juices. Basic ingredients analyzed, pastry recipes, desserts, confectionery. Syrups and chocolates. A detail in this new Spanish edition is the incorporation of a Spanish gastronomic calendar of desserts for parties, with very elaborate desserts, although traditional desserts such as bones of saint, pestiños or borrachuelos, for example, are missed.

Title: Larousse of desserts. More than 750 tasty recipes Author: Pierre Hermé Paco Torreblanca (foreword) Price: € 29.95 Publisher: Larousse Edition date: 2006 Binding: Hardcover
Size: 19,5x26,5 Pages: 448 ISBN: 9788483325322

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