The 15 quick and easy recipes to take to work


Are you one of those who have to bring food to work? Well, if that's the case, don't worry about what to prepare each day. From Directo al Paladar we want to help you with 15 quick and easy recipes to take to work and make eating from a tupperware a delight and not an obligation, also without spending hours in the kitchen preparing them and thus taking advantage of your free time on other things.

Many of us have changed the menu of the day or the skewer for a homemade dish to take in the office, however we do not want cumbersome recipes that are complicated to carry, reheat and eat on a work table. That is why today we want to offer you many dishes that are perfectly suitable to eat quietly at home on the day that we do not want to complicate ourselves in the kitchen, but also to put in the lunch box and go out every morning with them.

Quick and easy recipes for first courses for work

We start with the first dishes, which although they may seem the most cumbersome to take to work, you will see that they do not have to be that way. Eating out does not have to be synonymous with abandoning legumes in our diet, that is why I bring you two very easy, quick salads so that in less than 15 minutes you can enjoy two complete recipes.

On the one hand this crunchy red lentil salad and on the other a chickpea salad with tomatoes and tuna belly, both very complete and that if you are not a lot of food they can serve you as a single dish.

Pasta dishes are also very easy to transport and reheat in the office. I propose three recipes that are made in less than 30 minutes and that will be delicious, like this pasta with tuna and vegetables, a very easy recipe that you can both enjoy hot and drink cold.

Or this one with spaghetti with garlic prawns, an express recipe for which we only have to use three ingredients. A dish full of seafood flavor and with a spicy touch capable of cheering you up on the toughest day of work.

If you are more of meat, surely you will love this last easy and quick recipe to take to work, some tagliatelle paglia e fieno with cream and ham. A proposal that if you need to have a microwave in the office, but tasty, tasty like the most.

Quick and easy main course recipes for work

For the second courses we start with the meat ones. I recommend this recipe for chicken curry in 10 minutes, a delicious dish for the laziest in the kitchen, which you can also customize by just adding or changing the spices.

With pork I present you a dish that you should not lose sight of, some barbecue ribs in five minutes, which will be the envy of your co-workers. They are prepared in the pressure cooker in a moment and they reheat great with a microwave blow and topping them with a little of the sauce.

If you fancy a second fish, I bring you several quick and easy proposals to make and take away, like this one for hake tacos with tomato, very fast if you already have a tomato sauce made from another preparation or a recipe of those that can be taken both hot and cold, pickled sardines, which if accompanied by a salad already makes a consistent dish.

Finally, some recipes with eggs, which always manage to get us out of trouble in the kitchen, and this time more. As for example with this recipe for zucchini and brie cheese omelette, which is made in a plis plas and has a lot of ingredients incorporated.

Or also this wild asparagus omelette, which is easily carried in a tuper, and with just a few minutes of microwave it is perfect to enjoy a great meal.

Quick and easy dessert recipes for work

What would a meal be without a good dessert, as well as some sweet little something to close this quick and easy office menu. I recommend these express custards that are prepared in five minutes, you make them the night before and the next day you have them perfect in texture.

In a thermos or bottle you can take a splendid lassi or yogurt and mango shake, an authentic dessert to drink even if you don't have much free time at work.

If you are fans of chocolate, prepare in 15 minutes some swirls of puff pastry with chocolate like these, but keep them safely because they are the typical ones that come in at any time and you may fall into the temptation of taking them mid-morning.

We finish this selection with a classic dessert that never goes out of style, a fruit salad. A versatile recipe wherever there are, because you can add the type of fruit that you like the most, and it will always be good. Easy to carry in a tuper, it will serve as a rich dessert full of vitamins.

So far this selection of 15 easy and quick recipes to take to work has come. So there is no excuse for eating poorly at the office by saying you don't have time to cook. As we always tell you, in the kitchen, whoever wants can.

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