The 7 food vending machines you would never say exist


I remember that when I visited Switzerland a few years ago, I was struck by the fact that there were milk vending machines, I thought the most that I got was to know of the existence of those that dispensed gum or tobacco packages. But as things have evolved a lot, today we are going to see the 7 food vending machines that you would never say exist.

A few days ago it came out in the press that a butcher from Oviedo has installed a cachopo vending machine in his business, offering 12 varieties of this typical Asturian recipe. Can you imagine the face of a Japanese man before the machine? Surely the same one that I put before the one that sold milk, so I have decided to do a little research to find out what foods can be bought by this method.

You will be amazed to learn that the first vending machine on record was designed by Heron of Alexandria to dispense holy water in the temples of Thebes and Upper Egypt.

The development of vending machines came with the Industrial Revolution. In London in the early 1880s, the first modern machines were installed that sold postcards and chewing gum. Currently it could be said that practically anything is offered, do we check it?

1. Live crab vending machine

We can find it in Nanjing, China and it maintains an internal temperature of 5ºC to keep the crabs in a state of hibernation without actually killing them. The company agrees to compensate with three live crabs if a dead crab comes out of the machine. It's something.

2. Caviar vending machine

If you are in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and you want to treat yourself, you can satisfy your desires with this very refined machine that is found in shopping centers. Don't worry, they will also give you the mother-of-pearl spoon to taste the caviar according to the standards of the perfect gourmet.

3. Lettuce vending machine

This proposal is among my favorites, with the current fashion of eating in the healthiest way possible, it seems like a luxury to be able to find fresh lettuce at any time, any day of the week. It is located in Japan and uses a system of fluorescent light bulbs to grow 60 units each day.

4. Noodle vending machine

Again another invention that you can locate in Japan, where ramen and udon are among the favorite dishes and are tasted daily. If you fancy a steaming cup of instant noodles this machine dispenses a hot plate of these noodles completed with meat and vegetables.

5. Banana vending machine

Yes, yes, of bananas. I wonder why this fruit and not another, like apples, I don't know, maybe it's because they take longer to get bad. Be that as it may, in Japan there is the possibility of finding this fruit at any time of the day. Do not stop looking at the bins next to the machine to deposit the banana peels, the level of civility in the East is much higher than ours.

6. Pizza vending machine

Not only in the East do we find "rare" food vending machines, in Italy and other European cities, we can satisfy our craving for pizza just by going to these curious dispensers. The machine kneads the dough, adds the sauce or dressing of your choice (there are three options), and heats the pizza in less than three minutes.

7. Hamburger vending machine

This vending machine is located at Moscow airport that offers hot hamburgers to passengers about to board. Surely more than one has missed the plane because of her.

Did you know any of these vending machines? Have you tried any of the foods that are offered in them? We will be delighted that if so, you share your experiences with us.

Photographs | Crystaltalks
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