The five healthy properties of tomato that you are interested in knowing


Although we generally refer to it as a vegetable or vegetable, the tomato is a fruit. Originally from South America, the tomato spread throughout the world after the Spanish colonization of America and today it is cultivated in many countries around the world. Tomato is a very versatile and rich food from a culinary point of view, but also from a nutritional point of view.

There are countless varieties of tomato, all of them possessing great nutritional properties. Consuming them regularly allows you to receive countless benefits, among which we will highlight the main ones in this review of the five healthy properties of tomato (which you are interested in knowing).

The healthy properties of eating tomato

1. Low in fat

Tomato is among the low-calorie foods, as a medium-sized piece contributes around 40 calories. Its high water content, over 90%, makes it a very valid food in weight control and slimming diets.

2. Diuretic and depurative

The fruit of the tomato plant is also rich in minerals, among which potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus stand out, as well as iron, calcium, zinc and copper. It is considered a food with a diuretic effect and, therefore, beneficial for the elimination of excess fluids and toxins, which benefits those who suffer from fluid retention, hypertension, hyperuricemia and gout.

3. Boost defenses

Tomato is rich in carotenoids which have beneficial effects on the immune system. Lycopene, one of them, is the natural pigment responsible for the red color of this food. Antioxidant par excellence, it prevents cell damage by neutralizing free radicals that are generated in oxidative processes. They also contribute to alleviating deficiency diseases and pathological situations.

4. Prevents diseases

In addition to the above, tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C (one piece can provide 40% of the daily requirement of this powerful antioxidant), vitamin A (essential for eyesight) and vitamin E. All of them act beneficially on the system immune system of the human body and protect the body thanks to the reduction of the harmful effect of free radicals.

5. Regulates intestinal function

Due to its high fiber content, tomato has laxative properties and prevents (or improves) constipation. It contributes to reducing blood cholesterol and to good glycemic control in people with diabetes. In addition, it produces a feeling of satiety, something wonderful for those who are on a diet. All this contributes to reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases such as cancer of the large intestine.

For all these properties, the tomato is perfect for health care, but we cannot ignore that it is also perfect in the kitchen. Incorporating it into our dishes is a very simple task. Tomato is a fundamental ingredient in kitchens around the world and an ally when it comes to improving the flavor of our recipes.

With good quality tomatoes like the Kumato® variety, you can prepare dishes as delicious and nutritious as the cod with Kumato® tomato a la huertana, the puff pastry cake with Kumato® tomatoes and goat cheese or the Kumato® tomato and prawn ceviche and, also, take care of your health and participate in the contest Lo Tuyo es Alta Cocina. All advantages when incorporating them into the diet. Do you dare?

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