The foams, technique, types and use


Fans of new cooking techniques, the utensils used by great chefs in their restaurants, or those who want to savor the best delicacies they know how to prepare at home, the book Las foams, technique, types and use, may be useful. a price lower than 6 euros, you can get online.

If you have a foam siphon or are thinking of getting one, you will need ideas to try, both sweet and savory, your diners will be surprised by the textures and flavors that you will provide to the dishes.

Knowing what a foam is, the iSi siphon, the types of foam and various recipes from the hand of Ferrán Adrià, is easier than you think, just go to International Cooking Concepts and download it in PDF.

Enjoy it!

More information | ICC More information | Direct to the Paladar | Foam siphon

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