McDonald’s hamburgers in the US, no tomato for salmonella

The salmonellosis outbreak, which affects all fast food establishments in the United States, has been the reason for McDonald’s to decide to remove the fresh tomato from its hamburgers.

After 145 people were affected and 23 of them hospitalized, by the bacterium that causes salmonellosis, this and other supermarket chains have decided to withdraw all products related to tomato. Specifically, it is the red tomato, in the Italian or roma varieties and plum tomato, which seems to be the product responsible for the poisoning. Cherry tomatoes will not be removed from salads, as they do not appear to be contaminated.

For now, the focus of the bacteria is not localized, so these establishments take this preventive measure. According to statements by the McDonald’s corporation, none of its customers have been affected by the outbreak.

The origin of these tomatoes, distributed throughout the country, is still undetermined, but the United States Food and Drug Administration warned that raw tomatoes should not be eaten, after 145 cases of salmonella poisoning occurred last Saturday .

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