The best burgers in Valencia


It has taken a while, but in the end, I have managed to gather information to share with you the best hamburgers in Valencia, or at least, the ones that I have tried or people have been recommending me. If you know of any more that I do not mention, be sure to write them down in the comments.

Mediterranean burgers

I have put it first simply because of all the gourmet hamburgers in Valencia, it is the one that I have had the pleasure of enjoying, and it is that it offers very interesting bites at reasonable prices, with very good quality meat from organic livestock (veal, beef and chicken) and a variety of hamburgers with special touches.

In addition, the place is very pleasant, with a modern decoration and located in the central neighborhood of Ruzafa (Calle Sueca 45). Tables are a bit small, but not so small that they are uncomfortable.

The Mesclat

It's the next one on my list to try, everyone has spoken highly of it to me. The place is in the center of the city, in the heart of the El Carmen neighborhood (Beltrán Bigorra street), and judging by the photos and opinions, it is also modern and pleasant.

The main differentiating point of El Mesclat is that they do not offer a hamburger menu (except for one), but a “meat” menu. I put it in quotes because the letter offers from black angus or veal to turkey, horse, cuttlefish, prawns or vegetarian lentil or zucchini burgers, among others. Then you can accompany them with the ingredients you want from a wide range to configure your burger to taste. The prices are affordable, around ten euros for a hamburger with up to four ingredients, accompanied by a good garnish.

Le Mur

The references of this place have been minor, but equally flattering. With a similar price to the rest and a place also in the center (Calle Murillo, 8) offers natural burgers made by hand, with many options both between breads and meats, as well as different starters and desserts.

Among the breads it is worth highlighting the option of gluten-free bread, rye, poppy seeds ... and among meats, in addition to the classic beef and veal, we can choose other less common such as salmon or even tofu for vegetarians.

Captain Morgan

Moving away from gourmet hamburgers, but without ceasing to be delicious, we find Captain Morgan on Calle Poeta Artola 16, near Plaza de Xúquer.

The decoration of the premises matches its name, and is clearly pirate. Usually crowded, its menu is not very extensive, although it offers a good selection of hearty burgers, which will satisfy the hungriest. We also find some starters and sandwiches, although their specialty is undoubtedly hamburgers.

Rapid Burger

Gourmet burgers are fine, but sometimes your body asks for a burger that is a little "greasier" and filling, without having to go to die in the same fast food chains as always.

Rapid Burger is a mini-chain in the city (three locations in Valencia, on Avenida Campanar, in Archiduque Carlos and in Ramon Llull) that offers more or less the same as others, but its hamburgers are not so “industrial”, but a little more homemade and, of course, much more abundant for a similar price. Ideal to order at home or for an emergency. The menu is quite varied and they offer imported beers, which is appreciated.

Well, I hope you liked the selection of the best hamburgers in Valencia and, remember, if you want to share any more that you know, do not stop doing it in the comments.

Image | Mesclat
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