The best cheesecake recipes

What should the base of the cheesecake be like? What type of cheese to use? What kind of tops do you usually wear? Are cheesecakes filled? Well, we want to answer these kinds of questions precisely through a trip through the best cheese cakes from Directo al Paladar.

Cheesecakes are probably one of the most successful desserts on the table. But it is also one of the most versioned recipes in history, there are hundreds of cheese cakes, all of them different although we could divide them into two essential types, those that are made in cold and those that are made in hot. And within each group there are them with the most varied ingredients.

Basic ingredients of a cheesecake

It is evident that the main ingredient of this type of cake is cheese. It is the ingredient that will give personality to the cake, although it is not the only one. And even in some recipes we will see that it can go into the background. What type of cheese should we use in our cheesecake anyway?

  • As a general rule, we will use a cream cheese. Of those who come to spread on bread slices. They are of many types, more or less acidic, more or less dry to the touch of our palates. The important thing is to use one and get familiar with it, in fact it has become one of the ingredients in classic cheesecakes.
  • Other cheeses that we can use to make the cakes are; cottage cheese, the protagonist of the best cake recipes for its creaminess and special flavor; special cheese creams, such as those derived from sheep's or goat's milk. They will give strong tasting cheesecakes so sometimes it is better to mix with more neutral cheese creams.
  • In addition, we will generally use eggs, sugar, gelatin (in the case of cold cakes), cream or milk and other ingredients that will usually give the name of the cake and that are usually mixed or in the topping of the tart or in both places, such as: Cookies, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, nuts, etc.

How to make a cheesecake. The basic steps

Although the base of a cake is not decisive, in fact there are cheese cakes that do not need to have a base, if what can be something important. Well, in cakes that have a base, it will usually be our first task. Here we can make various types of bases. The classic of crumbled cookies mixed with melted butter (Maria cookies or chocolate cookies in general). A base similar to the previous one but mixing flour, sugar and butter in ointment. And finally, a kind of more elaborate breeze dough that contains flour, eggs, butter, liquid (milk or water) and flavorings.

Once we have our base ready, either chilled in the fridge in the case of crumbled cookies or precooked in the oven in the case of the other types of dough we will move on to the preparation of the cheese filling. And we have two forms, cold cheesecakes or baked cheesecakes.

  • We will make the cold cheese cakes mixing the ingredients in cold. They usually contain gelatin (in sheet or powder) that are diluted in some liquid, usually cream or milk. In addition, they almost always have whipped or semi-whipped cream where the cream cheese is mixed. And of course the additional ingredients that we want to add.
  • Baked cheesecakes are more delicate to make. We will need to beat its ingredients slowly without incorporating much air inside and we will bake them over low heat (150 ºC normally) for a long time (1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes), allowing them to cool completely in the oven. In this way we will ensure that they do not rise in the oven and at the same time that they do not crack. Which usually happens quite easily.

The best cheesecake recipes

  • Perhaps the most iconic cheesecake is the New York Cheese Cake. It is a special cake simply because of the type of base it has, the type of breeze mentioned above, but which also adds a bit of baking powder that makes it a little spongy. In addition, the filling contains ingredients as aromatic as lemon or orange.
  • In its preparation, in the oven, what we have discussed above greatly influences, it must be mixed very slowly so that it does not catch air and the cooking must be on a very low heat and above all let it cool in the oven with the door ajar. This tart is usually accompanied by whipped cream or jams.
  • The cold cheesecake recipe has its application in this cheesecake and cookies. An example of the preparation, perhaps a bit simpler than the previous one and above all an example of what type of ingredients we can add both to the filling and to the top. And the base is butter crumbled cookies.

  • Another recipe that takes the same elaboration of the filling of the cold cheesecake is this cheese and raspberry tart. We change the base for one of flour, sugar and butter and the type of cheese to use the famous cottage cheese. In addition, the top we use is a raspberry cheese jam to which a little gelatin is added to make it harder and brighter.

Other of the best cheesecake recipes that you should not miss are this mini mascarpone and chocolate cheesecake and the cheesecake and chocolate recipe.

We hope that these tips and advice for making cheesecake that we have given you have no doubts. But above all the best will be to practice with the examples that we have given you.

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