The nine carrot cakes you have to try to finally find yours

Today carrot cake is a dessert that is not often missing from the menu of any restaurant or cafe. It is a long-standing sweet in Anglo-Saxon pastry that at first surprised when it started to become fashionable in our country, but it is already one of the favorites of those with a sweet tooth. But which recipe to choose? Get out of doubt with these nine carrot cakes that you have to try to find the one that will become your favorite.

Carrot is one of the most grateful vegetables to add to a sponge cake dough. The crumb is juicy, adds a very pleasant sweet flavor that combines deliciously well with the spices and leaves a nice orange color in the dough. You can prepare the most classic recipe or use any of our cakes and cakes as a base to add the ingredients and toppings that you like the most. What is your favorite recipe?

Carrot and cheese cake

Perfect for any occasion, this carrot and cheesecake recipe is a classic cheese cream spread. First a round cake with wholemeal flour is prepared that can be divided into two or three discs. Then the cheese cream is prepared, with the addition of whipped cream, to fill the discs and cover the entire cake.

The result is a very colorful cake especially when cutting the portions, revealing the orange crumb in layers that contrast with the white cream cheese. The sponge cake is also prepared with good olive oil, which combined with the carrot provides a moist, juicy and not heavy interior.

Carrot and pistachio sponge cake

Despite not being the most common dried fruit in pastries, the truth is that pistachios add a great flavor and contrast to doughs such as carrot cake. In this recipe the dough is baked in individual Bundt-type pans, but can also be prepared in a standard large ring-shaped size.

The pistachios are chopped roughly before adding them to the dough, thus melting with the carrot in the crumb, and then a simple decoration of whole peeled pistachios is added in the central hollow of the sponge cake. A final touch of icing sugar is all the extra decoration that this rich recipe needs.

Spiced carrot and apple tart

A good idea is to mix the carrot with some fruit to give a return to the most basic recipe. Apple is another great pastry classic, so it was clear that combining both ingredients you can make a delicious spicy carrot cake.

In this recipe, spices also play a leading role, with the original touch of cumin that extols the aromas of the most classic ground ginger. The two layers of the cake and the aromatic spicy tones make this cake a truly special snack.

Carrot and walnut cake

This recipe seems especially appetizing to me on a cooler day or for a rainy afternoon, perhaps due to the rich ingredients included in the dough. Brown sugar, honey, wholemeal flour and the special touch of nuts make this carrot and walnut cake a delight that can be enjoyed at any time.

The aromatic and moist dough is perfect both to decorate with a cream or a glaze, and to serve as is. A little mascarpone cheese can be an ideal accompaniment, or simply whipped cream at home. Walnuts add a delicious crisp contrast to this cake.

Carrot cake with shortcrust pastry

A different version of the typical cake can be this recipe for carrot cake with shortcrust pastry. If we buy it already prepared and ready to use we can have an irresistible dessert in just a few minutes, with a creamy filling in which the striking orange color of the carrot stands out.

Inspired by type cakes foot American, this cake is decorated with strips of candied lemon and the juice of its jam, so the result is a very fresh, light cake, perfect for a spring or summer day.

Gluten-free carrot cupcakes

The individual format in which these cupcakes are presented is perfect to serve at a gathering of friends or for some special occasion, such as a children's party. It is a gluten-free recipe since the dough is prepared with ground almonds and a little cornstarch, thus achieving a very soft, light and fluffy sponge cake.

To decorate these mini cakes, a simple icing based on sifted icing sugar and milk is used, although you can also use orange juice or water. A few small marzipan carrots put the sweet cherry on top of delicious bites perfect for the whole family.

Carrot Cinnamon Cake

This simple but irresistible carrot cake recipe can be ideal if we have kids at home. It is very easy to prepare, does not need many ingredients and does not contain dairy, making it suitable for lactose intolerant. The base is that of a traditional sponge cake, beating the eggs very well with the sugar, to get a very fluffy and soft crumb.

Cinnamon combines very well with carrots and its quantity can be adjusted to suit each individual's taste. For breakfasts and snacks, this “naked” cake does not need anything else, although we can always add the cheese or butter topping that we like best.

Individual carrot, raisin and rum biscuits

In this other version of individual biscuits, very original molds in the shape of a chocolate tablet are used on one of their faces, making them perfect to share or to convert into small mini-format cakes.

A few raisins are added that we must rehydrate previously so that they are tender and do not burn, and a little rum enhances the flavors of the other ingredients. If we macerate the raisins in rum we will get a much tastier cake. And if we do not want to use alcohol, we can always turn to confectionery essences to avoid giving up the aroma of rum.

The real carrot cake

Finally we have the most authentic recipe of the typical Anglo-Saxon carrot cake, with its moist and juicy crumb, and well loaded with spices, nuts and raisins. It is a cake full of aromas that are enhanced with the passing of the hours, and it stays very tender for several days if stored well.

The cream cheese topping is an essential part of this recipe, made with cream cheese, butter, sugar and a touch of vanilla. It is convenient to keep this carrot cake or carrot cake in the fridge once we have decorated it with the topping. In addition, it will harden and make it easier to cut and serve the portions.

With nuts, spices, with or without topping, individually or as a multi-story cake; There are many different possibilities when preparing a carrot cake. Dare to try all these recipes and choose your favorite. Which one do you prefer?

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