The Ugliest French Fries Fight Food Waste

I was delighted to hear about the existence of this product. In a world in which only beauty prevails and when little less than all foods have to be equal and perfect, a Pennsylvania company has decided to market bags of potato chips made with the ugliest potatoes, those that are discarded at the points for sale because they are not attractive to consumers as they have small imperfections.

Marketed under the name of Uglies -feas in English- the factory Dieffenbachs has shown that the ugliest potato chips fight food waste as they are selling a product doomed to be discarded from human consumption, turning it into a mass consumer product.

While some prefer the perfect potatoes, almost clones, all the same and without holes or buds, this company is finding how to produce the ugliest potatoes, which peel, chop and fry with artisanal quality, to offer its customers a product that They sell at the price of $ 2.49 a bag, as we have seen in their online store.

They are sold in three varieties, the original, the barbecue flavor and the salt and vinegar flavor, all at the same price. The good thing is that with this measure they are taking advantage of products that without being in poor condition are not accepted by the market, for reasons of size, shape, etc.

In a world in which food is wasted in a worrying way, this initiative has been well accepted since its commercialization on social networks was announced. Following what was approved at Expo Milano 2015, many countries approved regulations to avoid waste.

The food waste rate in the United States of America reaches 40%, but this manufacturer has found a way to combat this phenomenon by showing that food does not have to be pretty, but good and rich to be consumed.

We love this news and we fully support this American snack producer specializing in potatoes called Dieffenbachs who markets the Uglies and we want their example to spread and spread to other foods.

I was thinking of tomato sauces made with the ugly and tasty tomatoes not suitable for sale on supermarket shelves, and so many other products that could be perfect to avoid being thrown away just because of their appearance.

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