The meat recipes that can not miss on your table this Christmas

There are only a few days left until Christmas Eve and Christmas, and although many of you will already have everything in mind, many others are still thinking about what to cook. Today, to help you clarify the doubts (or increase them) we are going to review the meat recipes that can not miss on your table this Christmas.

We will remember the basic recipes typical of these dates, with special attention to those of veal, and we will also propose alternatives to other meats to surprise and make the family enjoy.

Veal recipes for Christmas

Let's start with a recipe that is not delicious every time it is repeated every year on many tables: a traditional recipe for roasted veal round, with its juices and that sauce that makes you want to dip bread in it.

Another option with a touch of fruity and sparkling is this delicious roast beef with brandy and tangerine, which we could well accompany with a homemade mashed potato or roasted potatoes.

It's also a good idea to choose recipes that add a spicy and slightly spicy touch to meat, such as this quick and easy recipe for roast beef with mustard, a very juicy recipe for roasted white veal with mustard onion sauce or a surprising roast beef recipe with onion, Jaipur spices and red wine.

If we want to get out of the usual roast, we can also prepare a recipe for stuffed veal in the traditional style that has a simply spectacular presentation, or else an ossobuco in red fruit sauce in Porto, without forgetting these beef cheeks in cherry sauce or the sirloin to Berta's casserole.

Christmas recipes with picantones, quail and other birds

Small birds like quail and picantones are highly coveted during Christmas as they are so easy to prepare and because served on a single plate they are a presentation that is unrivaled. Other interesting alternatives are big birds like turkey and chicken, or pieces with intense flavors like duck breast.

Beyond the traditional recipe for stuffed picantones we have many other recipes for small birds with an original touch that will be perfect for a dinner or a Christmas meal:

  • Roasted Picantones with mustard, honey and raisins
  • Baked Picantones with lime sauce
  • Quail in tangerine and honey sauce
  • Pickled quail

Of course, we can also opt for the classic Christmas turkey recipe although I would personally recommend some different preparations, such as a chicken roasted in red wine with caramelized onion and grapes or also a Carpanta-style chicken, although my downfall is this duck breast with apple and raisin chutney.

Lamb recipes for Christmas

Lamb is also a regular on our tables during the Holidays, so it deserves a compilation just for him, with 13 lamb recipes for Christmas, to which we could add this recipe for roast lamb with thyme and a tournedós of leg of lamb on the grill that can be a good solution if we are not many at home.

Christmas recipes with pork

Although the pig is not such a frequent guest at Christmas, that does not mean that we cannot prepare authentic delicacies with it, especially with its noblest pieces, such as the loin or the sirloin. Here are some good suggestions:

  • Roast pork loin with coconut milk and spices for tandoori
  • Baked pork tenderloin with claudias and citronella
  • Pork tenderloin with applesauce and raisins
  • Pork tenderloin glazed with orange
  • Loin of salt in microwave with orange sauce

Of course, those are not the only recipes, because the pork has a lot of very interesting pieces with which to prepare wonders such as this roasted Iberian pork with creamy boletus sauce or a mustard pork knuckle with meat juice.

And if not, we can always resort to a classic such as roast suckling pig with spicy tangerine sauce with which we put the finishing touch to these meat recipes that can not miss on your table this Christmas.

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