Torrijas, a brief definition of what the art of sweet cooking means. Recipe


The kitchen is an art closely related to the elaboration of products, which is why I invite you to discover some of the most subtle and / or exquisite discoveries of the ancient gastronomy "Las Torrijas".

By definition, torrija is a slice of bread breaded in milk or wine, fried and later sweetened. Its existence, however, has been part of the culture since its origins, with the ancient Romans being the first to make this simple and popular sweet.

Torrija is a traditional Lent sweet that consists of a slice of bread (usually hard, several days old) that is soaked in milk and, after being battered in egg, is fried in a pan with oil; finally, it is flavored, to taste, with various ingredients: cinnamon or some liquor, and it is sweetened with honey or sugar. It is a food of humble origin that quickly saturates the diner and keeps him relieved of the need to try some other meat dish (food subject to abstinence in Lent).

Although the raison d'être of torrijas has always been the use of stale bread, European romantic artists and writers chose them as a symbol of a peculiar mystique, making them the quintessential pastry of that time.

Revered as a delicacy of the gods, torrijas could not be absent in tavern meetings, their aroma reaching the tables of such popular characters as Isabel II la Chata, celebrated for their self-confidence and for their fondness for sweets.

Due to protocol requirements, the expert pastry chefs came to carry out complex and elaborate elaborations, but it was soon recognized that the best were the simplest, after the romantic fury, torrijas occupied a more discreet place in the calendar of religious festivities, such as the Easter, when the traditions of fasting and abstinence were made more tolerable.

Nowadays they are prepared at any time and there is a special bread to make them, The slices of bread must be cut no more than 2 cm thick, they are poured over hot milk that has sugar and cinnamon until they are soaked sufficiently, later they are They are coated in beaten egg and poured in oil on a very hot frying pan (there is an inexplicable trick: add a metal nail as it stops the generation of foam due to the frying of the egg and the milk) until the bread is browned by both sides. Later it is soaked in white or sweet wine, sometimes some liquor such as anise is added and it is soaked in a syrup made with water and honey.

Its main strength is its great popularity and homemade production. It is considered an eminently homemade dessert, which although it can be found in various pastry shops, its preparation and sale varies depending on the producer.

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