Lentils, phytates and cholesterol


We all know that lentils, like other legumes, are loaded with beneficial health properties.

One of those qualities is its ability to lower high cholesterol levels. And they do this thanks to its phytate and fiber content.

It turns out that one of the oldest foods is one of the most beneficial.

The Greek historian Herodotus tells in one of his works that there are Egyptian inscriptions that relate the "menus" that the workers who built the pyramids received, 2200 BC. Menus based on bread, onion, lentils and beer ... not a bad menu.

Lentils, in addition to being a recommended food for people with cardiovascular diseases, due to their fiber and phytate content, have other properties:

Also recommended for diabetics because their carbohydrates, mostly starch, are slow-absorbing carbohydrates.

Issued, for life, for cases of anemia, for its amount of iron. Be careful, iron that we will assimilate better if we accompany the lentils with vitamin C, an orange juice (natural) for example.

Allied against free radicals, as they contain selenium, a powerful antioxidant, they keep us young.

A must on the vegetarian table, with rice, quinoa or millet, as a source of proteins of high biological value.

Children's food par excellence, for its great contribution in vitamins of group B.

Another of its virtues is its content of zinc, an essential mineral whose deficiency can lead to problems such as impotence, acne, delays in growth and even increased cholesterol levels.

There is no doubt, we have to eat lentils more often, for our health.

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