Italian pizzas and breads book


I have to admit that, unlike my partner Pintxo, I am a bit lazy when it comes to preparing a pizza. I think it is the time to wait for the dough to rise is what I am most concerned about. More than anything because I have a bad habit of going to the kitchen when I'm hungry, and of course, I discard pizza soon.

However, my mother has given me a book of Italian pizzas and breads that has awakened my interest in such a delicious delicacy. I have successfully launched it with ham and olive pizza, and I have a few recipes on file that will end up falling for sure.

On the outside the book is not very attractive. Perhaps its strange format is the most striking, but the design of the cover is discreet and not overly careful. Once you open it, the somewhat anachronistic aesthetic continues to predominate, but it is not a thing that attacks the eyes either and, most importantly, it makes up for it with a varied and very well prepared content.

The book is divided into an introduction and three large sections. In the first one, he explains all the types of pizza dough that there are - many of which I did not know until their existence - and how to prepare each of them clearly and easily.

The main part is, of course, the pizzas. There are all kinds of them, from classic to more extravagant, even sweet. In general, the ingredients are easy to find and each recipe includes tips and variants in case we do not have some of the ingredients. In addition, all the recipes are illustrated with a large photo to give us an idea of ​​the appearance of what we are going to cook.

The last section is dedicated to Italian breads: focaccia, pizza loaf, walnut bread ... very interesting for lovers of preparing bread at home who want to introduce a little variety in their recipe book.

In short, the Italian pizzas and breads book is a simple and unpretentious cookbook, but it offers the reader a wide and varied list of well-illustrated recipes, with a precise list of ingredients and clear and concise explanations. Highly recommended

Italian pizzas and breads

Sara Bush Editorial Elfos ISBN 84-87251-75-7

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