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Santa Claus came and went, thus without seeing him. But around the corner we have our three favorite kings, Los Reyes Magos. So I thought you would like to have a selection of cookbooks to give away.

Japanese cookbooks

I have brought you some Japanese cookbooks, for example we have: Sushi, sashimi, yakitori and 60 basic recipes of Japanese cuisine; Sushi, more than 100 irresistible recipes; any of Harumi's books, Harumi's Japanese cuisine or Harumi every day, a book that I will talk about soon; or for example Hiroko Shimbo's Japanese cuisine.

The truth is that if you have already made a foray into sushi and what you are interested in is learning some homemade Japanese cuisine, this last book is the one that you should give yourself or give away. It is a book that has many recipes and the best of all is that they are very well explained, not only the steps and ingredients it uses, but also the history of each recipe.

In this way we can get to learn many curiosities of Japanese cuisine. For example, the great influences of French cuisine that it received at the beginning of the last century and during the 19th century. Now, you don't have photos, but you do have drawings for the more complicated steps.

Food bloggers books

This year seems to have been the year in which publishers focused on food bloggers and everything that we can teach on paper, not only through blogs, which we already do with greater or lesser success. You can think of giving away any of the books that bloggers have written.

  • Fried Webos. Recipes and moments. It is the book of the blog Webos fritos, and they have done it with great care and affection. It has recipes from the blog and some unpublished ones. For those of us who love authors very much, it's like always having them in our library. For those who do not know them, it will surely be a very special first opportunity.
  • Sweets and desserts from the blog Recetas de Mamá. It is the second part of a book that they already have on the market. In this case, desserts and even some gluten-free recipes.
  • The recipes of El Comidista, from the blog with the same name. It is a book with recipes, very carefree and that will surely be a boom this Christmas given the success of Mikel Iturriaga in the blogosphere.
  • and it always turns out well. It is the book of the blog Se Cocina. He has about 300 recipes, most from his own blog. Perfect recipes for many moments, and above all with the guarantee of those that she has made and tried herself. Recipes suitable for celiacs and 100% vegetarians are also identified.

Themed cookbooks

Write down the titles if what you are looking for are thematic cookbooks. For this type of cuisine we can find French, Italian, Asian cookbooks, desserts, vegetarians, etc. Let us begin.

  • As Asian books I advise you some of these, in addition to the Japanese of before: The authentic Thai cuisine; Indian cuisine for Westerners; Asian cuisine for gourmets; (It is not Asian but as exotic cuisine we put it here) Arabic aroma, recipes and stories by Salah Jamal; All the taste of Thailand
  • Italian cookbooks you also have some to choose from: Pasta from La cocina de casa; Italian pizzas and breads book;
  • In the desserts we have The Chocolate Book of Le Cordon Bleu; Pancracio: Modern chocolate.
  • Other books that you can think of giving away are: Vegetarian Cuisine; Joanne Harris' French cuisine.

Books of recognized or media characters

  • The Good Kitchen of Harold McGee, to consider if you are interested in all the whys of the kitchen.
  • Julios 22 minutes, fast and healthy food from the famous chef from Canal Cocina.
  • La cocina del kabuki, In La cocina del Kabuki, in addition to the recipes, we can discover the figure of Ricardo Sanz. A well-known cook, but not so much his person. In this introduction, what I liked the most to read is the part dedicated to the Japanese-traditional. A journey through the intensity of this cuisine in the last decade in Madrid.
  • The World in my kitchen by Gordon Ramsay
  • Reinvent the kitchen. Ferran Adrià: an incessant journey through gastronomy. It is a book about the history of El Bulli, the most influential restaurant in the world, as the author describes it. Colman Andrews made contact with Catalan cuisine in 1985, and as a result of a first trip he spent two years touring its territory until he fell back on a then too alternative and isolated El Bulli, in which a twenty-something Ferran Adrià officiated in the kitchen together with Kristian Lutaud. Or The Family Food, by Ferran Adrià, a book that talks about the meals of the El Bulli staff.
  • Nigella Lawson's cuisine, delicious recipes for all occasions, as this chef is used to. In general they are simple recipes, to be made when we have little time and even when we have guests and we do not feel like having to be in the kitchen while they have an aperitif. It also brings a section of express desserts and a Christmas recipe.
  • Jamie's 30 Minute Meals are menus you can make in 30 minutes. The complete menu is on a single sheet and they usually have between 3 and 5 recipes. In a single sheet the ingredients of each thing and then in the explanation it jumps from one dish to another depending on the steps you have to go through to have all the recipes prepared in 30 minutes.
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