Entropia natural spirits

What can you tell me about a liquor that is natural and that also provides us with an exotic flavor with some new sensations. From my colleagues from Embelezzia I have discovered these liquors called Entropy, in addition to a very original name that refers to a natural tendency to lose order.

The main characteristic of these liqueurs is that they are made entirely by hand. As a base, Galician marc brandy is traditionally distilled. And the brandy is infused with its main ingredients: ginseng, guarana and coffee.

Although the best seems to be the properties of the liqueurs.

Ginseng Entropy has tonic and restorative properties. But also and infused with a combination of aromatic herbs and spices: damiana, black tea, ginger, natural vanilla beans, spearmint, etc.

Entropía Coffee is made with a blend of naturally roasted coffee. It is an intense drink with stimulating and energetic properties.

The Entropia Guarana is combined with mate, hibiscus and cinnamon. The energizing and tonic qualities of guarana make it a liquor that provides an intense and prolonged sensation.

I know more than one who will be thinking about where to get these liquors right now.

Via | Embelezzia
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