Ecological is cheaper, according to the GDR Guadalhorce price observatory


It is not true that organic products are more expensive than conventional ones. This statement is derived from the results of the price observatory of the Guadalhorce Ecological Association, which establishes a comparison between the prices of fruits and vegetables of three large commercial chains established in the region and those established by the producers in the organic markets of Pizarra, Alhaurín el Grande, Cártama and Coín. Guadalhorce Ecológico has reported that it will offer weekly comparative information on the prices of seasonal products that are offered each week in the network of organic markets that exist in the Guadalhorce Valley.

The comparative study reveals variations of up to 130% in products such as verna lemon (up to € 2.30 in conventional and € 1 in organic) or 60% in cases such as chestnuts or melons (up to € 2.34 in conventional and € 1.50 in ecological). The observatory reveals, on the other hand, a lower fluctuation in the prices of fruits and vegetables throughout the season in the case of organic products compared to the large variations suffered by those same prices in the commercial chains studied. This fact is related to the dependence that large commercial chains have on large distribution chains and, therefore, on price fluctuations in global markets, which are more subject to political, international and macroeconomic influences.

Faced with this large fluctuation, organic markets keep their prices more stable thanks to direct sales by the producer, eliminating intermediate steps between producer and consumer and, therefore, stabilizing prices and making them cheaper. In addition to the economic advantage of consuming organic products, we must add both the nutritional and sensorial quality of these products, since no chemical substances are used for their production and, on the other hand, they are fresh products that the consumer acquires few hours after collection. On the other hand, the non-use of chemical products contributes to the improvement of the environmental quality of the territory, with which ecological agriculture stands as a basic pillar for the sustainable development of rural territories.

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