The best of Direct to the Palate for # Salad Day


A couple of hours ago, my partner Pakus offered you a delicious tomato salad on a basil lake as a contribution to the initiative that emerged on Twitter with salads as the protagonists. But as we like everything in a big way, we have also thought about compiling the best of Directo al Paladar for # Salad Day

Thus, I have brought you a selection with the best salads from Directo al Paladar, which are not few, and also very varied. We have salads with fruits, with cheeses, with meat with fish and seafood ... an impressive menu, let's go. So much so that it will be difficult for you to decide which one to choose first, because I am sure that you will end up preparing them all sooner or later.

Fruit salad recipes

As the summer heat has come early and has been with us for some time now, the “salad season” has started strongly, and there is no salad more refreshing than a salad with fruit, so I have brought you a few:

  • Apple and Strawberry Salad with Pipes
  • Pear salad and emmenthal cheese
  • Orange and beet salad with couscous
  • Lamb lettuce, dates and orange salad with basil aroma

Salad recipes with fish and seafood

I like to call them sea salads — a bit hackneyed, yes — although when I was little, every time I heard something like that I imagined seaweed, sand, shells and fish all scrambled in a bowl. A not very suggestive image, which I am going to counter with a very appetizing selection of salads with fish and seafood that have much more than a can of tuna:

  • Prawn and blood orange salad
  • Cajun Shrimp and Potato Salad
  • Spicy scallop salad
  • Basmati rice salad with fennel and pickled tuna

Salad recipes with meat

Oh! The salads with meat, what love I have for them. It is my particular way of eating like a man with a clear conscience of having eaten "a little salad", when there was a whole chicken in pieces. If it happens to you like me, you will love the salads that I propose below, starting with the classic recipe for chicken caesar salad:

  • Mango and chicken salad
  • Italian roast chicken salad
  • Crispy Duck and Mango Salad
  • Turkey and avocado salad

Typical salads, with designation of origin

As with many other dishes, there are also typical salads with a designation of origin, typical of a specific region, although they have later been exported to other places. There are many, but I have brought you four that have caught my attention, for being traditional or spectacular:

  • Murciana Salad
  • Nicoise salad
  • Balinese chicken salad
  • Typical Tunisian salad

Salads with cheese

With the love that I have for cheese, I could not leave out a selection of salads with cheese, because it is an ingredient that works like a charm. Whether as a complement or main actor, it adds a point of intensity to the salad that I love.

  • Salad with fried Camembert, tomato jam and bacon
  • Pomegranate salad with fried goat cheese and honey vinaigrette
  • Greek salad with fried feta cheese
  • Warm salad with fried brie cheese and tomato jam

And to finish with the best of Directo al Paladar for # Salad Day, a good idea: salad in a jar, ideal to take to work, on a picnic or on a trip without having to transport the dressing separately.

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