The best of Directo al Paladar XXXIX Answers


It seems incredible how the passage of time is reflected as the numbering progresses, no matter how much the number 39 is in Roman numerals. One more Wednesday comes The Best of Directo al Paladar Answers, which every fortnight collects the questions and doubts of readers and editors of Directo al Paladar, as well as the responses and suggestions of readers about what was raised in this Gastronomic Forum.

On this occasion, the readers have been the protagonists of the publications of the last fifteen days, so without further delay, we will go over your opinions, doubts, queries and your responses to those of others.

  • Blanca Arias asks us about the recipe for macarons since when preparing it she has not been left with the correct pompadour. Surely some of you are an expert in pastry and can advise you. Here is the link to your question.
  • G71224 asks us how you can make your pork tenderloin undercooked. My partner Liliana has given you the keys to enjoy it like this, golden on the outside and very juicy on the inside: "So that the sirloin is not dry, I usually cook it first on the grill, over medium heat, for about 10 minutes on all sides (previously seasoned and coated in oil). Then I roast it at a low temperature, about 130ºC, for 15-20 minutes, turning it in half, depending on its size. Then it is cut and served with the sauce to taste, and it is very juicy inside :).'
  • Anna R. Gelli asks us what Christmas dish we are already longing for and Tres de Oros tells her the following: "Not with Christmas exactly, but it does coincide with Christmas sales: Turkish figs. Neither lady's necks nor bird-catchers serve me, my weakness is Turkish figs. It is not exactly a Christmas item, but they start to sell around this time (I already got my pantry for this winter) and after Christmas I find it very difficult to get more. It's funny that all year round I can get non-Turkish step figs. Supermarkets remind us that in addition to confectionery sweets, nuts and raisins are also consumed at Christmas. My grandmother would give us a tray with pieces of nougat, almonds and raisins; I think it is out of fashion but the comparison with current trays is still interesting.'
  • Some time ago Liliana asked you if you were going to change your meat eating habits as a result of the WHO publication and opinions on the subject are still coming in. Among the last ones, we have selected the one by Jujagonz that says "No, I am not going to change any of my habits when it comes to eating red or processed meat. Most of the processed meat that I consume (hamburgers, sausages, etc. are from butchers) We are one of the countries that eats more red or processed meat and we do not have such a high colon-rectal cancer index. The problem comes from the accumulation of bad habits and the quality of the meat.". And you do you think?
  • This week's question is about spoon dishes and we wanted to know which one is your favorite. Arias del Hoyo tells us "My favorite spoon dish is the potatoes with marinated ribs that my mother made. As my mother is no longer there to do it, I no longer have a favorite. Everyone else is exactly the same to me.'

In fifteen days we return with what will be the fortieth edition of Directo al Paladar Answers, in which, as always, we would like to have your participation, either by raising doubts or solving those raised by us or by other readers. Until then, a hug to everyone who helps us keep this section so entertaining.

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