The best of Direct to the Palate Answers (VII)


How quickly summer passes! It's been two weeks and it's Wednesday again, and as always, here is our biweekly review of the best questions and answers that you have left us in our Direct to the Palate Answers section where you are invited to ask any questions you have about recipes, techniques cooking or any topic related to gastronomy.

In the last 15 days, - it shows that we are in August-, there have been fewer questions than in other fortnights, but there are some very interesting ones and we can also find very practical answers to doubts raised by other readers or by us editors. Without further ado, let's see the ones we have selected.

  • My partner Lolah asked you the other day what kind of oil do you usually use for cooking? and this question has been very interesting, since it has had a lot of answers. According to Leo, almost everyone uses extra virgin olive oil to take raw and other varieties of oil -whether from refined olive or seed oil- for frying. Which one do you use?
  • They ask us for help to know how to cure a clay tagine. Although we already published a post some time ago on how to prepare tajine so that they do not crack when cooking, you may be able to help Karuchinga with this question that she raises. What's your trick
  • To Kreacion's question about which side of the aluminum foil should the cookies be placed when baking and is it dangerous to use aluminum foil in the oven? the perfect kitchen answer is very enlightening, when she says "I do not understand very well what you mean, but the two sides of the aluminum foil are the same, the difference in brightness is due to the manufacturing process, which passes two sheets through a roller to thin them and when separating the face that contacted the The roller is brighter, while the side that was glued to the other aluminum sheet is a little more matte. But for the purposes of use it is indifferent which side you use them. As for what is dangerous, I do not like to use aluminum foil with heat, for the oven the papers prepared for this purpose are more recommended.'
  • Another question that we have pending, is the one that Tresdeoros raised us: who has a trick to recover the carrots that are softened in the fridge? Tell us how to do it and we will all learn since it is a problem that happens to all of us if we leave them unused for a few days.
  • To finish, I collect Sorgintxu's answer to the question of whether you make the recipes to the letter or interpret them by changing ingredients. He tells us the following: "I am convinced that the first time you prepare a recipe you have to do it to the letter. Then, depending on the results, it adapts to the tastes of each one. I do it like this and it works for me :)'

And after reviewing your questions, your answers and other questions, I remind you that you can publish any questions you have regarding recipes, gastronomy, ingredients, etc. that arise in our Direct to the Paladar Answers section, where we will be happy to try to help you with the solution. As always, if you have a little while, you can take a tour of this section and look at the questions of others in case we can help each other. Until in fifteen days!

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