Attention 'foodies': these are the 7 best gastrobars for lunch and dinner in León


The universal route recommended by all Leonese people of good food and good drinking begins in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, goes up Calle Ancha towards the Plaza de la Catedral, the Plaza de San Martín, the Plaza Mayor ... to fully enter the Humid neighborhood.

This area is like the gastronomic Bermuda Triangle of León, with generous free tapas that accompany each drink and where you know when it comes in but not when and how it comes out.

In addition to the trendy restaurants in León, such as the Cocinandos Michelin Star or the recent opening of the avant-garde LAV, the city hides a culinary heritage worthy of winning the Gastronomic Capital 2018 to which it aspires. Here we propose the 7 best gastrobars for lunch and dinner in León.

Where to eat and dine in León

We are not going to make a list of all the bars where each "short" of beer or "butane" of orange is accompanied by a generous tapa, because it is best to discover them on the streets.

But we can tell you what you will find: black pudding, jerky, minced meat, cold meats and cheeses, spicy potatoes, "tiger" mussels, croquettes of all kinds of fillings, mini portions of pizzas, squid sandwiches, soup casseroles garlic, chorizo ​​with cider or chickpeas ...

In the Barrio Húmedo you can really eat and dine for little money. Here we propose the best gastrobars in León "off the beaten track", with culinary proposals to enjoy not only standing at the bar, but also at a table and tablecloth.

1. Cafe Bar Rúa 11

(Calle La Rúa, 11. Tel. 987 178 637)

Chic vermouth shop at the gates of the Barrio Húmedo. Its menu of snacks and toasts of artisan bread proposes delicatessen such as blood sausage, yes, but accompanied by compote and roasted pine nuts, beef jerky with tomato, anchovies or Cantabrian anchovies with garnish, cured beef tongue with roasted peppers ...

The secret of the patrons? Arm yourself with patience if it is full: the wait is worth it. And be advised to choose from the more than 50 varieties of vermouth available.

2. Entrecalles

(Calle Lope Castrillón 7. Tel. 615 028 272)

In the heart of the Romantic district of León, very close to El Cid park, we find this place with a retro-industrial aesthetic with vintage touches, which was an old bar of a lifetime, today remodeled and hipsterized.

Among its tapas and servings we recommend the homemade beef jerky, cheese and pepper jam patties, the chicken and zucchini skewers with sweet and sour sauce and potato wedges ... Pay attention to those potato wedges -possibly among the best in León- with cheddar cheese melted and jerky powder.

3. Mama Tere Gastrobar

(Plaza Mayor, 26. Tel. 987091258)

One of the most picturesque and modern places in the Plaza Mayor de León is the Mamá Tere Gastrobar, recognizable by its blue rhinoceros head that presides over the wall. Chic atmosphere, exotic decoration and elaborate tapas.

The upper floor suggests mid-afternoon coffees and drinks afterwork; the mezzanine and terrace allow you to enjoy some wines or "short" beer with their corresponding prepared portions and the basement-jungle is prepared for intimate dinners or groups.

Between his deli We recommend the rice tapas with lobster, mango stick and chicken with sweet and sour sauce and the scallop and citrus prawn with kimchi.

4. The back room of 13

(Calle Ancha, 1. Tel. 987 00 73 33)

Vinacoteca for gourmets looking for typical Leonese cuisine, with quality and local products, in a well-cared for interior design, full of old objects.

Famous for its rice and pasta, such as the delicious rice wok, egg scratch and seasonal vegetables, the truffled boletus risotto with parmesan slices, the curious octopus pizza with smoked cheese and paprika-oil or the tail cannelloni from bull with truffle and sweet potato bechamel.

A special mention deserves the exquisite spiced deer tataki, foie dressing and red berries. Restaurant to go early, pamper your palate and, if possible, order first, second, dessert and whatever arises.

5. The Patio

(Plaza Torres de Omaña, 2. Tel. 987 03 33 55)

When autumn and winter arrive and rainy and cold days ... we will always have the secluded interior garden of El Patio, sheltered in Plaza Torres de Omaña. This lush terrace competes directly with your dining room for chandeliers and old library books.

It is the perfect place to have a delicious coffee with pastries first thing in the morning, or start the tapas route on Sunday at noon, or enjoy some wines after work.

Its casseroles of broken eggs with potatoes and blood sausage or ham, or chorizo ​​or picadillo, or the portions of chorizo ​​with cider, garlic prawns or their toasts with loaf bread and blood sausage stand out.

6. Brulé

(Calle Ramón Álvarez de la Braña, 1. Tel. 987 10 59 30) One of the last openings in León that foodies visiting the city cannot miss. Avant-garde cuisine and fusion, with its own name linked to the successful GastroBar Becook.

It is located completely outside the Barrio Húmedo circuit, near the old León FEVE station. It can be a good stop on the way to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y León (MUSAC), the Auditorium and the Parador-Antiguo Convento de San Marcos that are nearby.

In Brulé it is essential to try the grilled squid with roasted vegetables, aioli sauce and tapenade or the bacon simmered, with a touch of the grill and spicy lentil hummus.

7. niMÚ Roof

(Calle General Lafuente, s / n. Tel. 987 20 67 00)

We should not leave the streets of León without a visit to the niMÚ, in the late afternoon. It is the only rooftop in the city with aerial views over the cathedral. It is accessed from the side of the Hotel Conde Luna, almost secretly and the visit is worth it at any time of the year.

That roof can freeze you to the soul on cold and windy days. But even then it pays to lose sight and thought on the roofs of the houses, with a tonic in hand.

The restaurant (in an air-conditioned interior and with views from the windows) offers portions with star dishes such as knife-cut Iberian ham, Leon jerky, lamb's lettuce salad with goat cheese and caramelized pepper, fresh burrata with tomato vinaigrette or ravioli a la carbonara with grilled octopus.

Images | niMÚ Rooftop | Pedro Agüera on Flickr | The Rúa 11 | | Mom Tere Gastrobar | The Backroom of 13 | The Patio | Brulé
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