The gastronomic whims of famous musicians turned into still lifes


Musicians are often said to be celebrities whose eccentricity increases in parallel with their level of fame. You hear many stories of luxury parties and vandalized hotel rooms, especially related to rock groups, although many are probably more legend than reality. However, there is something that does seem to characterize the greats of music, the particular foods they order when they celebrate concerts, which are what have inspired this series of still life photographs.

Actually we would have to talk about clauses, since they are not so much requests but requirements by contract. When a musician or a group signs a commercial agreement to celebrate a concert or a tour, it seems that the usual thing is to include a clause specifying certain particular requirements, which usually include food and products. The peculiarities of some requests inspired photographer Henry Hargreaves to recreate some of them with the help of stylist Caitlin Levin.

It is not the first time that we come across a work by Hargreaves and Levin around here, and the truth is that I love learning about the new artistic proposals that food inspires in this unique photographer. What is interesting about this new series of works is not only the curiosity to know the gastronomic oddities of famous musicians, but also the way in which they have been recreated before the camera.

And, thanks to the collaboration of Caitlin Levin, each photograph is presented to us in the form of a still life, clearly inspired by the long tradition that this genre has had in the history of painting, with special attention to the more traditional Flemish still life. Thus, a curious relationship is established between the concept of the artist through the centuries.

By presenting each meal in this way, it is endowed with a certain dignity, but playing at the same time with the eccentric character of the musicians. The truth is that the result is not only interesting because of the anecdotal content, but they are also beautiful photographs, with all the elements arranged in elegant and balanced compositions.

In this way, we find luxury products such as the bottle of Dom Perignon demanded by Axl Rose - Guns N 'Roses singer - or Frank Sinatra's collection of different alcoholic beverages. However, the funny thing is that most of the requests are simpler products, such as Billy Idol's chocolate chip cookies, or the well-seasoned fried chicken demanded by Beyoncé.

Personally, I am left with the most curious examples; Marilyn Manson's gummy bears and Lady Gaga's non-smelly cheese ice plate are good examples. It is common to think that these celebrities would demand exotic and luxurious meals, but with these elegant still lifes we see how most have more humble tastes, while still being extravagant. And that these requests appear required as contractual clauses, reaffirms the eccentricity of the stars of music.

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