The one hundred best Spanish gastronomy in Solán de Cabras

During the last edition of Madrid Fusión, in addition to enjoying the presentations and shows of great chefs as we have been telling you in recent days, a new list of restaurants was also presented, named as the one hundred best in Spanish gastronomy.

The members of this list, who were chosen by a team of specialized gastronomic journalists, are classified into different categories that include 10 selected establishments for each of them. Below we include the complete list.

On the day the list was presented, we had the opportunity to visit the Solán de Cabras stand where we tasted cocktails made without alcohol and in which the main ingredient was brand-name soft drinks.

In a society where it is difficult to be a teetotaler, it is appreciated to find these combinations of soft drinks with which they managed to make delicious cocktails that were similar to other alcoholic cocktails such as piña colada, mojito etc.

This task was carried out by the bartender from Solán de Cabras who did not stop serving his non-alcoholic cocktails during the Congress, being one of the stands with the most public during the three days that Madrid Fusión lasted.

The 100 best gastronomy restaurants

The list makes a classification that distinguishes categories such as New Haute Cuisine, Modern classics, Bistros, eating houses and taverns, Tapas, gastrobars and market stalls. rice, fish and seafood or it even has sections dedicated to beach bars or that they collect the best places to drink sweet cuisine, pastries and ice cream parlors.

The idea of ​​the 100 best restaurants list aims to be renewed every year, so that it becomes a dynamic list. It does not include restaurants that have two or three Michelin stars, although those with one star have been included. With the list, recognition is given to numerous establishments that have a local prestige and a new field is opened to bars, taverns and restaurants to increase their diffusion and popularity.

New Haute Cuisine

  1. To the west (Cádiz) ANGEL LEÓN
  2. Ricard Camarena (Valencia) RICARD CAMARENA
  3. Nerua (Bilbao) JOSEAN ALIJA
  4. Villa Magna by Rodrigo de la Calle (Madrid) RODRIGO DE LA CALLE
  5. Alkimia (Barcelona) JORDI VILA
  6. Culler de Pau (Pontevedra) JAVIER OLLEROS
  7. La Escaleta (Alicante) KIKO MOYA
  8. The Matapozuelos pharmacy (Valladolid) MUGUEL ANGEL DE LA CRUZ
  9. Al Trapo (Madrid) PACO MORALES
  10. The Jewish House (Santander) SERGIO BASTAR

Modern Classics

  1. The bohío (Toledo)
  2. Rodero (Navarra)
  3. Gerardo House (Asturias)
  4. Las Rejas (Cuenca)
  5. The corral of Indiano (Asturias)
  6. La Tasquita de Enfrente (Madrid)
  7. Arbola Gaña (Bilbao)
  8. The arbor of Amós (Cantabria)
  9. The farm (Elche. Alicante)
  10. Monastrell (Alicante)

Castilian steakhouses

  1. Coque (Madrid)
  2. Manix (Valladolid)
  3. Las cubas (Ávila)
  4. Nazareno (Burgos)
  5. Azofra House (Burgos)
  6. The cypress (Burgos)
  7. Steakhouse Los Canteros (Ávila)
  8. Asados ​​Alonso (Valladolid)
  9. Jose Maria (Segovia)
  10. Los Galayos (Madrid)

Meat and fish grills

  1. Baserri maitea, (Vizcaya)
  2. Etxebarri, (Vizcaya)
  3. El Capricho (Leon)
  4. Elkano, (Getaria)
  5. Bidea bi, (Pamplona)
  6. Alameda (La Rioja)
  7. Ripa (Vizcaya)
  8. Askua (Valencia)
  9. Julian House, Tolosa (Guipuzcoa)
  10. La Castillería (Cádiz)

Seafood and fish

  1. D’Berto (Pontevedra)
  2. The campero (Cádiz)
  3. O’Pazo (Madrid)
  4. Rías de Galicia (Barcelona)
  5. The breakwater (Asturias)
  6. Nito (Lugo)
  7. The trainera (Madrid)
  8. Carballeira (Lleida)
  9. Sea alive (La Coruña)
  10. Galician Rías (Valencia)

Kitchens of the world

  1. StreetXo (Madrid)
  2. Kabuki Wellington (Madrid)
  3. Pakta (Barcelona)
  4. Two Chopsticks (Barcelona)
  5. Koi Shunka (Barcelona)
  6. MX Point (Madrid)
  7. Sudestada (Madrid)
  8. 99 Sushi Bar (Madrid)
  9. Indochine (Barcelona)
  10. Tastem (Valencia)

Bistros, eating houses and taverns

  1. Sacha (Madrid)
  2. Ticket’s (Barcelona)
  3. Urola House (Guipúzcoa)
  4. Mesón del Labrador (Zamora)
  5. Alhucemas (Seville)
  6. Canalla Bistro (Valencia)
  7. Ton de Luna (La Rioja)
  8. White House (Asturias)
  9. Mesón Pincelín (Albacete)
  10. La Casilla (Betanzos. La Coruña)

Tapas, gastrobars and market stalls

  1. The gourmet's tavern (Alicante)
  2. Bodega 1900 (Barcelona)
  3. Sagartoki (Vitoria)
  4. Besana tapas (Seville)
  5. Melbourne (Navarra)
  6. La Barra de Acio (Santiago)
  7. Villaparamesa (Valladolid)
  8. Gate Bar 57 (Madrid)
  9. La Ponderosa (Cuenca)
  10. Joan Frau (Mallorca)


  1. Elías House (Alicante)
  2. The poblet (Valencia)
  3. Paco Gandía (Alicante)
  4. The Mermaid (Alicante)
  5. He blinked (Barx. Valencia)
  6. Carmina House (Valencia)
  7. Pepa House (Alicante)
  8. The mirror (Barcelona)
  9. Kaymus (Valencia)
  10. Jaime House (Castellón)

Beach bars and restaurants

  1. Güeyu Mar (Asturias)
  2. The anchor (Malaga)
  3. Garbet (Gerona)
  4. Es Cranc (Altea. Alicante)
  5. The bars (Bolonia. Cádiz)
  6. The mustaches (Ibiza)
  7. Loxe Mareiro (Vila García d’Arousa. Pontevedra)
  8. Sardiná (Malaga)
  9. Martinez (Barcelona)
  10. Chiringuito Es Cavallet (Ibiza)

Sweet cuisine, pastry shops and ice cream parlors

  1. Espai Sucre (Barcelona)
  2. Paco Torreblanca (Alicante)
  3. Obrador Garate Ice Cream Shop (La Rioja)
  4. Moulin Chocolat (Madrid)
  5. Pomme Sucrê (Gijón)
  6. Oriol Balaguer (Barcelona)
  7. The pastiseria (Barcelona)
  8. May Hoffman (Barcelona)
  9. Daza pastry shop (Malaga)
  10. De la Creme Ice Cream Shop (Barcelona)

Now we just need to go through the tour to find out what we are missing and see if our opinion agrees with that of the critics who made the list. Which of the one hundred best restaurants of Spanish gastronomy do you know?

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