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They say that the more intense and varied the colors are on a menu, the healthier and more nutritious it is. They have some reason, although the pigments in food have never been considered essential for our body, lately it seems that there is evidence that they promote health, but we are not very sure about it.

We know someone who follows this type of diet and we can always observe that their meals are a true rainbow, according to what they say, they are very healthy thanks to it.

We have known various types of diet that claiming to be of one type or another, you end up realizing that they are practically Mediterranean diets but with a touch of innovation and exclusivity.

In any case, we asked him to explain a little more about colors and philosophy in food, more or less we will summarize what was understood. There are a number of tips for a colorful diet, you have to look for the 7 basic colors of food and put them in your daily diet. These are yellow, purple, brown, blue, white, green, and red.

Yellow represents the pigmentation of carotenoids (group of fat-soluble plant pigments of intense color), with antioxidant action. We find lemon, melon, medlars, pineapple, banana, etc. This type of food prevents different types of cancer and generally prevents possible cellular damage to tissues and mucous membranes in our body.

Another color, white, represents foods that do not have any type of pigmentation and that have a large amount of allicin, they have various sulfur compounds such as garlic, leeks or onions. For example, allicin is formed when you cut garlic and its cells break. Its definition would be the following, "oily substance that has a yellow color and has bactericidal properties." Therefore, it is ideal for fighting infections and lowering cholesterol.

So he explained to us one by one the colors that he called basic in food, we were more damned and asked him about colors that were not contemplated in the initial philosophy, such as orange. His answer was very logical, it is the mixture of red and yellow, it has properties of both colors.

We have a lot to talk about with this person, our debate boiled down to the fact that this type of diet came from the Mediterranean and that they had just applied a different philosophy to it. As it was not very clear, we will visit you again with more information to see what we get clear, we will tell you ...

We would like you to share your opinions and thoughts on this diet of colors.

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