Breakfasts are more cheerful with the toasts that are succeeding on Instagram


Breakfasts are more cheerful with the toasts that are succeeding on Instagram. I have long liked to follow accounts on Instagram that make me smile because of their originality, creativity or beauty. Among others, I really like the one that I want to recommend you today, Eiko Mori's for the detail and quality of her work.

Although this Japanese artist also publishes some elegantly ordered cakes and takeaway packages or BentoIn my opinion, his "main course" is the creations he makes with toasts, decorated to make the most suggestive, appetizing and delicious breakfasts.

Dishes like the sushi that you have on these lines or nods to commercial brands such as the toast in the following image, show the imagination of the author. The detail of the creations she makes on toasts is impressive, decorated as if they were a pattern on a fabric, which she "Pinta"with tasty ingredients.

Nothing resists the creativity of Eiko mori, the Japanese artist expert in "Toast Art"

For this Japanese culinary stylist, toast is like a canvas, in which she expresses her creativity, making those of us who follow her enjoy her with her imagination and level of detail.

I recommend you visit her account on Instagram so that if you like them, you can follow her from today, but first, let me show you some of the latest toasts she has published on her profile, at least the ones that I found most striking and interesting.

A post shared by 森 映 子 / Eiko Mori (@ estyle1010) on Feb 4, 2018 at 2:01 PST

A post shared by 森 映 子 / Eiko Mori (@ estyle1010) on Jan 5, 2018 at 2:06 PST

A post shared by 森 映 子 / Eiko Mori (@ estyle1010) on Oct 12, 2017 at 4:39 am PDT

Dogs, rabbits or the funny chocolate spiders that he published at Halloween time delight all of us who follow this account full of sweet and savory breakfast ideas every morning.

I also really like these fried prawns wrapped in corn flakes, which have reminded me of this recipe that I made a long time ago in which the artist could have been inspired. All the details complete their creations, many of them accompanied by external elements such as chopsticks to eat, and other accessories.

Nothing seems complicated for this creator who outlines each stroke on the toast, making the viewer happy.

The morning coffee, a nature scene or some tasty apples, once captured on toast, are perfect thanks to the vision of this Japanese artist, the expert of the #ToastArt movement.

If you like this type of Instagram profile, I have found other similar ones, such as Mekkoja Valo's, Little Miss Bento's or Iamminy's, but without a doubt Eiko Mori is my favorite to brighten up my breakfasts with the creativity of her toasts. What do you think?

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