Ice creams have improved their nutritional value


For some years now, nutritionists have recommended the consumption of ice cream (moderate, like everything else), banishing the idea that it is a candy and instilling that it is a food that we can enjoy both in summer and winter. And it is that ice cream, despite having always been nutritious, has improved since the Strategy for Nutrition, Physical Activity and Prevention for Obesity (NAOS) was presented seven years ago.

At the presentation of the report Ice cream R&D and its influence on well-being, carried out by specialists from the University of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčindicate that ice creams have decreased their fat content by up to 30%, in addition, the quality of fats has also been improved.

The caloric content of ice cream has also been reduced, making it possible to enjoy this refreshing food without losing the line. Francisco Rodríguez, a neuropsychologist at the Autonomous University of Madrid, affirms that ice cream also contributes to the well-being of consumers thanks to psychological and social conditions, since "ice cream works as exorphins that are converted into endorphins by metabolism, which are involved in mechanisms of stress reduction ".

Last year, 87% of Spaniards enjoyed ice creams during the summer, few are those who should be deprived by medical prescription, as there are suitable for celiacs, diabetics, etc.

We also find ice creams with unimaginable flavors and more and more ice cream parlors that want to convince us by their quality. Do you need anything else to convince you?

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