On Thursdays Mexican cuisine plays with Directo al Paladar México (XX)


We have already reached a new Thursday and therefore we have to browse in the kitchens of our colleagues, because we have Mexican cuisine. We also have to welcome spring today, which brings us more hours of sunshine, longer afternoons and much more pleasant temperatures, an environment that we can reflect in our kitchen. And that will undoubtedly be seen in the rich recipes that have been prepared for us by Directo al Paladar México.

To whet your appetite, the post On salads, ideas to make you crave, is essential, with a review of the main ingredients that we can use to make a complete and healthy salad, with many ideas to adapt them to all tastes.

When the weather is good, you also want to prepare more snacks and appetizers to enjoy in good company. Dips and spreadable creams are ideal for those occasions, like this recipe for green olive dip, which can be used both to prepare toasts and to fill whatever comes to mind.

Other very versatile recipes are the preparations of different vegetables, such as these mushrooms in white wine. The mushrooms are thus creamy and very aromatic, and they serve us both as a garnish and to fill savory cakes, or they can even be completed with some shrimp or chopped chicken.

That the rise in temperatures does not prevent us from continuing to enjoy legumes in our regular diet, since we can prepare them in fresher and lighter ways. An example is this rich cold chickpea and tomato cream with a touch of epazote, accompanied by a little toasted amaranth. A simple but delicious recipe.

We do not forget that we are in the season of Lent, and although religious traditions are being followed less and less, it is worth giving fish more prominence these days. We have, for example, a recipe for fish with a Parmesan crust, a very original and tasty way of presenting it. And surely no one will be able to resist the succulent fish and tuna lasagna, with which we will not miss the meat.

In the sweet section we find again a fantastic apple pie, this time with a very basic recipe with which we will achieve a luxurious result, without having to complicate ourselves too much in the kitchen. More spring-like is the spicy compote of raspberries and blackberries, fresh and light, with a beautiful color. To finish, we return to the chickpeas to surprise ourselves with a delicious sweet chickpea bread. As our colleague says, it is worth cooking large amounts of legume each time and taking advantage of its versatility in very varied recipes.

So far we come this week with our visit to the recipes of Directo al Paladar México. I hope you enjoyed the virtual walk through the kitchens of our colleagues from America, and I invite you to return with me next week to discover what they will prepare for us in the coming days.

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