On Thursdays he plays Mexican cuisine with Directo al Paladar México (XVI)


We start like every Thursday with a new weekly summary of the best dishes from our colleagues from Directo al Paladar México. Varied recipes that invite us to know on some occasions another type of cuisine and ingredients little used in our country, and on others, international recipes with that different point that they contribute.

We start with a refreshing first course, an oriental salad with spicy peanut dressing that I have found delicious, and we continue with a ranch dressing, the ideal sauce to give a special touch to any recipe, be it a salad or even a sandwich.

This week the meat recipes are accompanied by pasta, like this one for some classic cannelloni stuffed with meat, which I imagine a success in any house, or spaghetti with chicken meatballs, a very complete dish for when there is not much time to eat .

In addition to these two pasta recipes, I also want to show you some succulent beef steaks in ancho chili sauce. The ancho chile is the dry form of the poblano pepper, less spicy than this, an ingredient widely used in Mexican cuisine.

Among the fish recipes, highlight this original salmon dish in raspberry sauce, a combination that may seem strange a priori, but you only need to look at the photograph to realize that it has an exquisite appearance.

Desserts among our Mexican friends are also all the rage, and if not just take a look at the great list of them that have been prepared these days:

  • Express cake with two chocolates and almonds
  • Rich and easy sweet filling for cakes or sandwiches
  • How to make classic chocolate ganache
  • Condensed Milk Flan

Well, our weekly summary of Directo al Paladar México recipes has arrived here. I invite you to try them and meet a few more next Thursday, on a new tour of Mexican cuisine.

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