On Thursdays he plays Mexican cuisine with Directo al Paladar México (XXV)


This is the last week of the month and therefore my last summary of the recipes prepared by our colleagues from Directo al Paladar México during the last week. Unlike the previous Thursdays, this week I can present you many sweet recipes, especially for children.

I would encourage you to put some of these desserts into practice, especially if you make them accompanied in the kitchen by the little ones in the house, you will surely enjoy any of this week's proposals.

Can you think of a more typical dish of Mexican cuisine than tacos? I leave you some great golden tacos of shredded meat and potato. Also a traditional recipe that will surely delight your guests if you decide to prepare it: some tasty garlic mushrooms.

To close the series that we started last week, be sure to review this third part dedicated to recipes for extra hot Mexican sauces, as well as an interesting and practical entry on how to make our substitutes for some spices and commercial products that are difficult to find in Mexico. .

And finally, the announced special dessert recipes for the little ones: * Choco-bananas * Homemade jelly beans * Carrot, honey and vanilla pancake * Rhubarb, strawberry and apple galette

I hope you liked some of these recipes enough to put it into practice. Next Thursday another colleague will be in charge of guiding you through the recipes presented in Directo al Paladar México. Until then, cook a lot.

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