The best restaurants (and bars) to eat the classics that we love


Spanish cuisine is full of great recipes that we never tire of eating over and over again. And it is that who does not like some broken eggs, some good patatas bravas, some crunchy shrimp omelets or some comforting tripe. For lovers of these delicacies, among others, we have set out to find the best restaurants to eat the classics that we love.

Because we can eat the classics that we love in many places, but embroidering them to perfection is another matter. The best restaurants to eat the classics that we love, according to our team of editors and collaborators and their fine palates, is a job that we can complete and polish together. So, if you have any recommendations, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments.

The rice dishes of Casa Benigna

Casa Benigna is a small family restaurant opened in 1990 where rice is served in "patella", a container designed by chef Norberto Jorge, similar to paella. The thicker patella has no handles and is made of copper, ceramic or hard chrome, it retains heat for longer. This facilitates the game of "ladle and step back" proposed in this restaurant where the patella is placed in the center of the table and eaten directly from it.

Benigna House
Calle Benigno Soto 9, Madrid
914 133 356

The fabada and the cream rice pudding from Casa Gerardo

It is not that Asturias needs an excuse to visit it, but if you have to look for it, well, one cannot die without first trying the fabada and the cream of rice pudding from Casa Gerardo. The two most emblematic recipes of this centenary restaurant happily coexist alongside totally avant-garde dishes. His recipes are available to anyone who wants to try them at home. Quite a detail.

Gerardo House
Highway AS-19, km. 9, Prendes, Asturias
985 887 797

The shrimp omelettes of Ventorrilo El Chato

With the variety of saline shrimp Shrimp tortillas have been prepared in Ventorrillo El Chato since 1993. They enhance their flavor by adding sea lettuce, a type of seaweed, and fry them in clean and very hot oil. This way they get that characteristic lace is formed and that they are crisp, blonde and without excess fat. As the canons send.

Ventorrillo El Chato
Cortadura Beach, Ctra from Cádiz to San Fernando, Cádiz
956 250 025

Bravas potatoes from Docamar

If the patatobravera perfection There is then the patatas bravas of Docamar reach it. Perfectly sized and shaped, tender on the inside and crisp on the outside, they are accompanied by their secret sauce. So good that you can buy it to go, in case someone dares to emulate them at home. Docamar is located far from the center of Madrid, but it is well worth a detour from the usual route and enjoy its famous patatas bravas.

Calle de Alcalá, 337, Madrid
913 678 317

The Spanish omelette from Mesón O'Pote

The Betanzos tortilla is famous for being a very slightly curdled and creamy tortilla that, when cut, spills out onto the plate. Made with good local ingredients, Galician potato of the Kennebec variety, free-range chicken eggs, extra virgin olive oil and salt, it does not need more than a good hand in the kitchen and has gained fame throughout the country. .

Meson O'Pote
Travesía do Progreso, 9, Betanzos, A Coruña
981 774 822

The squids of Bar Gelin

In Santander, the rabas are famous in many bars and restaurants, but those of Gelin have earned the place the nickname of "the king of rabas". It's very popular and always packed, but the service is quick and fast. Although you do have to wait to taste their fresh squash on the inside and crunchy on the outside, as you wait while you make your mouth with a very fresh cane.

Gelin Bar
Calle de Vargas, 29, Santander
942 232 785

The Valencian paella from Casa Pepe Sanchís

When it comes to Valencian paella to the Sanchís family, no one can beat it. Awarded the prize for the best Valencian paella in the world in 2016, this Cordovan restaurant cooks wood-fired paella and uses exclusively Valencian products. And the thing is that the Sanchís are pure Valencians and have paella in their blood.

Pepe Sanchís House
Av. Aeropuerto esq. Naranjal de Almagro Street, 12, Córdoba
957 412 295

The broken eggs of Casa Lucio

In the heart of Madrid, Casa Lucio stands the test of time and remains one of the must-see places in the capital. Its cuisine revolves around top-quality ingredients, which explains why a dish as basic and humble as broken eggs is an emblem of the place. Oh, if they had told the 12-year-old Lucio newcomer to this restaurant about how popular he would be!

Lucio House
Cava Baja 35, Madrid
913 658 217

The roast chicken of Casa Mingo

Another of Madrid's legendary establishments is Casa Mingo, an Asturian cider house that attracts the masses for how juicy and tasty its roast chickens and natural cider are. Set up inside a centuries-old railway warehouse with wooden walls, barrels and a terrace, it is common to see long queues of people waiting for a table, especially on weekends. Far from running away, we encourage you to be patient and stay. Worth.

Mingo House
Paseo de la Florida, 34, Madrid
915 477 918

The prawns of Casa Bigote

Casa Bigotes is made up of a bar and a restaurant where what many consider to be the best seafood in Sanlúcar de Barrameda is served. But what has really transcended are its prawns, the size of dinosaurs, which are so tasty and fresh that if one has the misfortune to spend there on a rainy day, they will not find Sanlúcar prawns or many of its other star dishes. .

Mustache House
Calle Pórtico Bajo de Guía, 10, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz
956 362 696

The salmorejo from La salmoreteca (Córdoba)

Tomato of three different varieties, purple garlic from Montalbán and two types of extra virgin olive oil make the salmorejo from La salmoreteca a boccato di cardinale. It is fine, creamy, aromatic and well emulsified, the classic salmorejo is a pleasure for the palate to which other signature salmorejos such as corn, mushroom and truffle, squid ink, etc. are added. A paradise.

The salmoreteca
Victoria Market, Paseo de la Victoria, s / n, Córdoba
Agora Gastronomic Market, Av. Del Brillante, 83, Córdoba
Lonja del Barranco Market, Calle Arjona, s / n, Seville
La Galería Market, Calle España, 5, Fuengirola, Malaga

Echaurren croquettes croquettes

Crispy on the outside and with a thin and creamy dough, almost liquid, on the inside, the croquettes of Marisa Sánchez, mother of the two-star chef Francis Paniego, are considered the best croquettes in Spain. Marisa, now also her son, has been making them this way for more than 50 years and they are a brand of the house, which is well worth a visit to La Rioja.

Calle Padre José García, 19, Ezcaray, La Rioja
941 354 047

The stew of Casa Carola

Several are the establishments of the capital in which a Madrid stew is served that takes away the hiccups, but the palm goes to Casa Carola, awarded with the prize for better cooked in 2016. Traditional where they exist, it is served in three turns: first the soup with gundillas and chives, then the chickpeas and vegetables (carrot, cabbage, potato and leek) and finally the viands, which include blood sausage, blood sausage, chorizo , ham, chicken, bacon and cane bone.

Carola House
Padilla Street, 54, Madrid
914 019 408

The tripe from Casa Ciriaco

In the heart of the capital, next to the Almudena Cathedral and close to the Royal Palace, you will find this centenary restaurant of home-cooked meals made with love and tradition. A place without great luxuries but very cozy in which some tripe is served Madrid-style that could raise the dead. At the helm of the kitchen for more than 40 years is Amparo Moreno, an institution in the place.

Ciriaco House
Calle Mayor, 84, Madrid
915 480 620

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