The nine pots that we dream of as true kitchens


If there is something that every cooking lover appreciates, it is the discovery of new gadgets. Some of the geeks, including myself, enjoy an afternoon of shopping in the kitchen and home section of a department store much more than in any other. But, what are the pots that we dream of as true kitchens?

The universe is full of great inventions and, honestly, answering this question is difficult for me. It's not that I'm a capricious person, but when it comes to kitchen utensils, there are so many things I want to have that I see no end to my desire. However, today I am going to focus on the nine pots that true kitchens dream about or, at least, that I dream about.

The top three pots that we dream of as true kitchens

Dreaming costs nothing, so I start big and start with the appliances that I would love to have in my kitchen. One of them, without hesitation, is an "aga". This very unusual term for us is very common in Anglo-Saxon countries. An aga is a stove / oven made of cast iron that has, in a single cabinet, several ovens and hobs.

The one in the photo in question is made up of five ovens, each one with a different control in terms of its function. This provides total independence when cooking, allowing us to roast a chicken, bake a sponge cake, cook a lamb at a low temperature and heat dishes, all at the same time.

As for the surface, it works the same way. It has three different areas in which to keep our dishes hot, poach or cook over high heat. A marvel of machine that would surely make our day to day in the kitchen much easier. Not to mention its attractive design, with a wide range of colors that ensures that there is an aga for every kitchen.

If I had to settle for something more affordable, an alternative when it comes to oven would be any of the steam ovens that Miele currently markets. With multiple functions: steam cooking, hot air plus, small and air grill, intensive cooking and top, hearth or both at the same time.

It has automatic programs for steaming, roasting and baking more than 150 dishes and allows you to prepare complete menus, with automatic programming of the order of introduction of the ingredients. Memorize up to 20 own programs, which would mean saying goodbye to all those cooking notes and recipes that we accumulate over time.

After a good kitchen and a good oven, on my list of dream gadgets is the Samsung Smart Fridge. A smart refrigerator that informs you of your needs through an external panel. Inside there are cameras connected to the monitor that review the content without having to open the door and let the cold escape.

We can even see it from our mobile thanks to the official application, something that comes from pearls if we are in the supermarket and we do not remember if we have butter in the fridge or not. But the best thing is that the interface is capable of ordering products that are about to run out. A wonderful invention, don't you think?

Another six dream gadgets

Changing the third and lowering a bit from the clouds, other pots that are the dream of all kitchens are those gadgets and kitchen utensils that facilitate the tasks of preparing ingredients and cooking recipes. They are affordable dreams, less scandalous and easier to accommodate in our kitchens.

The mandolins attract my attention, with them the tedious task of laminating vegetables and greens disappears. Over the years I have tried various models and none of them have convinced me. It is also true that I have never invested enough in this type of utensil, a big mistake on my part.

Currently I do not have my own mandolin, but I use the professional Bron mandolin at work and I can tell you that it is a real marvel. It's my mandolin dream come true. Functional, resistant and capable of laminating smooth or corrugated all kinds of vegetables. It is the Ferrari of mandolins.

Fresh homemade pasta is infinitely superior to commercial pasta and it does not cost any work to make it at home. For this, we need a good quality pasta machine. The Marcato Atlas Cromo is the one of a lifetime and there is no Italian home where it is not present. It has a beautiful design, with soft and elegant lines, and it is very versatile.

I feel the need to supplement it with a fresh pasta rack. Because, if not, where am I going to hang those noodles that I already see myself stretching in the machine? It is a very useful and very practical gadget when it comes to storing, as it is reduced to nothing once folded.

And I keep dreaming of affordable kitchen pots that are adaptable to my real world. That is why I cannot fail to mention the Nordic Ware aluminum molds, specifically the Heritage Bundt that has stolen my heart for a long time. Its high quality, its careful design and the results achieved in it make it highly appreciated by lovers of pastry.

A whim, but not just any but one that is very topical, is the food smoker. I have found it from the Nordic Ware brand, which is the one shown in the image, but there are many others. Cooking fish, meat or vegetables at home with the delicious flavor that smoking gives them is another of my dreams and that of many kitchens.

And, to close today's section, which is not my last dreamed of gadget, I leave you with my dreamed Le Creuset cocotte. A resistant, powerful pot that gives a very special flavor to everything that is cooked in it. With a design that you will fall in love with, in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, and well deserving of being moved from the oven or stove to the center of the table.

The list of pots that true kitchens dream of is long and increases as we discover new inventions. So next week we'll be back with more surprising suggestions. Until next Wednesday!

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