The secrets of labels


The professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Barcelona Claudi Mans, author of several books among which is "The burnt tortilla", where he gives us the opportunity to learn with simple and useful explanations why food sticks in some pans we cook and in others we don't, among many other things that are explained with chemistry.

Now he offers us a new reading that we also find of great interest, it is The secrets of labels and we can find answers to all these questions and more:

"Do the labels tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the products we consume daily? Do they hide information from us that we should know? Who controls the safety of the food we consume? Are GMOs dangerous? What is the difference between organic, organic and natural? What are functional foods? What is balanced water? Are all bottled waters minerals? What are emulsifiers for? What is a flavor enhancer? are colorants made? Are the dreaded E's on labels potentially harmful to health? How is the use of additives regulated? ... "The author also provides us with information on the chemistry of other household products, such as shampoos, detergents, etc.

It seems to us that the book arrives at a good time, but it should be more popular, everyone should also know what to put on the labels of the products they buy, understand them and then assess and acquire what is convenient for them.

We must not stop thinking that what we eat is what we put into the body, with what we give away or punish our body.

You can find this book in your usual store, its price is 16 euros and it offers us more than 200 pages of interesting information.

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