The types of cider or sticks


Stick is the term used to identify a type of natural cider, a very wide catalog in which they enter from fresh oysters to juices, sparkling wines, marc or spirits, ...). However, although the catalog is very wide in our country, and why not limit it even more, in Asturias; only some types are registered, specifically 6.

Here you have these six types, their differences and their qualities, surely this mini-dictionary It comes in handy when choosing a cider, either as a drink or for cooking:

Sweet cider: It is the juice resulting from squeezing the apple, also called duermu cider. In Asturias it is typical to take it with roasted chestnuts in November, at the Amagüestu.

Ice cider: it is handmade and made in small quantities. It is obtained from the fermentation of naturally frozen apple juice, so it has a higher concentration of sugars and more degrees in the final result, by eliminating part of the liquid.

The "traditional" natural cider: it is the product, worth the redundancy, traditional, the one that is usually taken poured and presented in a green bottle.

It is a fermented sweet cider, without added sugars, it only contains carbon dioxide.

Organic natural cider: It is a variant of traditional cider, which is produced with apples from plantations controlled by the Council for Ecological Agricultural Production of the Principality of Asturias (COPAE), a council that also supervises the production of the product.

The natural cider D.O.P. Cider from Asturias: it is subject to the Council's controls, which means that from the beginning to the end of the production process it is subjected to different examinations and monitoring.

And finally, The cider of Asturias It is the one registered with the Regulatory Council, subject to its controls and made from varieties of apples recognized by the council, and registered in the producer registry. In addition, these companies are obliged to comply with the different rules of the Council on facilities, practices, labeling, ...

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